Hidin’ Biden and his Liberal Media Cronies are Sweating Bullets…They Know the End is Near…And They’ve Got Nothing

With President’s Trump’s monumental poll surge following his shot from the hip speech during the RNC, contender Joe Biden and his boot-licking liberal media friends are sweating bullets.

They expected Trump to go off script and flub his chances of reelection, but with the exact opposite happening, hidin’ Biden may as well just go ahead and concede the race.

While at times Trump did wander from his scripted speech, he did so with purpose, and he not only nailed where America’s problems are coming from, he was also crystal clear about his intentions to put an end to the liberal madness.

While Biden and Harris are unrealistically waving a magic wand and attempting to wish the violent BLM eruptions away, Trump let it be known how counter-action is the only viable way to stop the anarchist protesters from inflicting further death and destruction.

Biden, with the help of the largely left-wing media, is wrongly spewing falsehoods by placing the blame for the violence on Trump. Secondly, the blue tsunami they are boasting about is no more than ocean foam on a shoreline. But it becomes clearer by the day, this is all they’ve got.

The truth be known, the Democrat-run cities that are hosting the violent protests have refused Federal help. They tell the cops to lay low. The left sees the murders of over 100 people, and the widespread destruction of property and local businesses, as a small price to pay to get their way, which at this point is becoming much more difficult to discern.

Other RNC speakers contributed to slamming Biden’s lack of any concrete agenda straight into the ground. As VP Mike Pence so simply yet eloquently said, “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.” Pence summed everything up in one sentence.

While the Dems have been laying low and hiding in basements, it was not until Trump’s polling numbers began to gain momentum that they knew they had to wipe the sleep from their eyes and respond.

Biden, from his fully sanitized basement, called the violence needless, saying it wouldn’t solve anything. Yeah. There’s a strong statement if there ever was one. He’s backed himself in a corner.

Biden has built what he considers a strong coalition of anarchists and anti-Americans who will pull the voting levers in his favor, so to outwardly condemn their activities, as he should, would only serve to shoot himself in the foot. He zigged when he should have zagged and now there is no way for him to recover from the huge blunder.

The liberal NY Times made a vain attempt at addressing murder rates being off the charts in Democrat-led cities by stupidly stating “crime remains at a generational low.” What in the world does this even mean? The dead are dead but it’s not as bad as it seems. Huh?

Murders in Chicago are up by 22%. Shootings in NYC are up by 87%, and murders by 35%. But according to the Times,  “Apocalyptic Scenes in City Streets? Actually, Urban Crime is Still at Historic Lows.” Once again, huh? Just how stupid do they think we are?

The abstract picture Biden and the media are trying to paint is an illusion, and they know it. All one needs to do is to turn on the nightly news to see what happens when the Democrats are left in charge of things.

And according to the polls following the RNC, more and more American citizens are starting to see the real picture. The wool is being pulled back off of their eyes.

At this point in time, it would be fair to say that Biden may as well go ahead and concede the election. But he won’t. It wouldn’t be fair to say he’ll fight to the bitter end since fighting is not his forte, but he’ll continue dangling by a thread until he’s finally so embarrassed he’ll be forced to drop out.

Lots of Democrats nationwide are switching their allegiance to the right side of history by kicking Biden to the curb, and as time goes on, more and more will wise up and follow suit. And all Biden can do about it is to remain hidden while he wipes the sweat from his beaten brow.

And as far as the liberal media who still support the guy? Their employees should start seeking other means of work.