Hollywood Makes Demands as Though Biden is In Their Back Pocket (and Maybe He Is)

Does Hollywood assume that because they have donated to Biden’s campaign that they can direct him to what he needs to do? They seem to think that they have a lot of pull.

Hollywood actors are only a small percentage of the American people. They shouldn’t get any more say than anyone else. Who cares how much they have contributed? If they have opinions, they can speak through the Congressmen and women who oversee their districts.

Oh, but we live in a world where everyone feels as though they can make demands.

So, the Hollywood elite are making demands that Biden shut down the Dakota Access pipeline.

Huh. Who knew that this pipeline had any kind of direct impact on Hollywood celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey, Jr, and Leo DiCaprio? Well, it doesn’t – but they still don’t want the pipeline to be active.

Now that Biden’s made the executive decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, Hollywood feels that this is a great time to take the ax to another energy project.

The first executive order put countless people out of work. Killing the Dakota Access Pipeline would put even more out of work. Considering that the economy needs people working, this is a dangerous request.

There are good reasons why Trump championed both the Dakota Access and the Keystone XL pipelines. They created jobs. They also helped the U.S. to achieve energy independence.

What do celebrities care about either? They’re already making their millions. They’re looking to be environmental activists. If a few thousand Americans lose their jobs, it makes no difference to Hollywood.

Celebrities and environmental activists drafted a letter to the White House to “address the climate crisis.” Further, they’re looking to “strengthen relationships” with Indigenous communities.

Ha! Since when has Hollywood been concerned with the Indigenous communities? It’s as if they’ll say and do anything to strengthen their case. The reality is that many of the Indigenous communities have been fighting for the pipelines because they make their money in oil and natural resources.

The liberal stars of Hollywood want to pretend as though they care about the environment. This is all while they jet-set around the globe in their private jets and yachts.

There’s a good reason why they want to stop the pipeline, but they don’t want to say it out loud. Trump was a champion of it. Since they hate Trump, they want Biden to reverse everything that Trump focused on.

Biden’s been a great follower, too. People tell him to do something, and he does it. Why have a conversation with Congress about it? As long as he has an ink pen, he’ll just write an executive order to take care of it.

The way that Hollywood is making demands makes it seem as though they already know they have pulled. Biden may be securely in their back pocket.

Black Lives Matter founders already believe that they have Biden secured since they feel as though they’re responsible for getting him elected. It will come as no surprise if liberal Hollywood feels the same way.

A federal judge has already ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct an environmental impact review. Fine. Let’s see what the report has to say.

Oh, but Hollywood doesn’t want to wait. Their letter is demanding that Biden shut the project down entirely, calling it a “historic injustice.” Pay attention – they’re not asking that he do it, they’re demanding that he do it.

Hollywood loves to interfere in things they have no business interfering in. They’re already financially secure. Meanwhile, blue-collar workers in the energy field are screaming because they’re about to be told that their jobs are obsolete.

And no, they can’t just go work solar. Liberals don’t seem to get the fact that solar is only a partial solution. Those in the energy field need the jobs, and keeping the pipelines open allows the U.S. to gain some much-needed independence, not that Hollywood would know anything about that.