Horrid Atrocities of Child Sexual Abuse by Priests Is Happening to Adults…the Vatican Is Well Aware and They Don’t Care

We’ve all heard the horror stories associated with the catholic priesthood. For decades young children have been abused at the hands of these self-professed genuflecting men of God. Unmarked graveyards full of catholic school students and orphans who mysteriously disappeared have been unearthed. But now there’s a new twist.

Not only has the Vatican, under the direction of Pope Francis, made every effort to weed the child-abusing perverts out, but they’ve also taken things a bit further. It is now explicitly against their rules of doctrine to sexually abuse adults. What has received little attention is priests using their authority to coerce adults into “favoring” them.

But wait, there’s more… Laypeople within the catholic church, the old enough to know a whole lot better crowd, have long remained silent about being more or less forced to service a priest’s needs. Perhaps out of fear of embarrassment. They were either abused by a persuasive enough “Father” who convinced them it was their Godly duty, or they held what they had heard from a parishioner spilling their guts in a confession booth over their head as a form of blackmail.

For some ungodly reason, pun intended, it took 14 years of research to determine that some priests prefer their laypeople’s pants to be worn around the ankles. The church’s hush-hush inside legal system, the “Vatican’s Code of Canon Law,” has been revised and mailed to the roughly 221,700 catholic churches in existence. There are approximately 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide.

The newly introduced articles are intended to address the church’s lame approach to cases of sexual abuse on its own turf, and they couldn’t come a few decades sooner. They also highlight laypeople working for the church. In particular, they focus on school principals who have a smorgasbord of young flesh at their disposal, and church economists who are privy to the financial ups and downs of the entire Parrish and could easily prey on adults.

Obviously, some behind-the-scenes knowledge made the articles also address grooming children, and blackmailed adults, to star in porn videos. The Vatican has never addressed the criminal methods used by predator priests to build relationships, good or bad, with those who succumb to their evil desires. But they all lead to one thing. Criminal sexual exploitation.

Because of bishops, cardinals, and other high-rankers being exempt from any investigative nonsense, the handling of reported sexual abuses within the church has always been at their discretion. Paying off victims and/or threats of burning in hell for squealing has always been the general rule of thumb.

This changed also. Anyone caught in a coverup is going to be held equally as guilty as the offender. Tough times require tough measures and the Episcopalians are gaining way too many new members. Time to reel ’em in, boys.

But the Vatican didn’t go far enough. They will continue to handle sexual crimes on their own. Who needs a bunch of pesky Federales snooping around? While the amendments state that a higher-up can, but not specifically will be kicked out of the club for not reporting an incident up the Vatican chain of command, nowhere do they state a requirement for reporting these horrendous crimes to law enforcement.

This ought to frost ya. In the past, bishops have whined and moaned over how time-consuming sexual abuse trials are. It takes them away from the much greater task of saving humanity one soul at a time. The Vatican legal staff has always fallen in step by agreeing with them. Lift rug, sweep it under.

So while these new amendments are being blown up to be a big deal and a giant leap in the right direction, it’s all sleight of hand. It’s tough to break an aged-old tradition of free-for-all sexual abuse where literally any form of cover-up is regarded as fine as long it saves the church from unwanted scandals. So what if a few kids have to get buried in unmarked graves? It’s important to remember from whom all blessings flow…