How Much is Too Much When It Comes to Guarding the Capitol?

Remember when Portland was being torn apart and no federal money was sent to guard the city? Remember when it happened again in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and countless other cities?

It’s clear that the Democrats only want to spend money when their own lives are at stake. There’s no threat in Washington DC anymore. The insurrection is over. Yet, they perceive a threat, and, therefore, they’ll spend whatever it takes to feel safe.


Imagine how many people around the country fear for their safety but don’t have the National Guard standing outside of their door. It must be nice to feel safe and protected.

The Democrats are being fiscally irresponsible and childish. It’s time to stop spending money to protect the Capitol. Send the guard members home and move on with life.

The Pentagon has estimated that the security costs will be at close to $1 billion by March 15.

$1 billion just so that Pelosi, AOC, and other liberals can feel a little safer when they walk into the Capitol Building.

They’ve managed to blow everything out of proportion. AOC still believes that Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered during the insurrection – and she wasn’t even in the building.

It’s been blown way out of proportion – and the spending has to stop. Enough is enough. $1 billion could have been better spent in a dozen other ways. However, the Dems don’t care about that. Their sense of safety trumps everything else.

The Department of Defense has estimated that they’ve already spent $500 million since January 6. Since Congress has asked for a troop presence through March 15, it’s estimated that another $483 million will be spent.

26,000 troops were deployed by The Pentagon in the wake of the riots that took place on January 6. They stayed to secure the Biden inauguration. While many have been sent home, at least 7,000 are still present to stand guard around the Capitol building.

Many estimate that there will still be at least 3,000 troops remaining by the end of March.

Why? Why spend all of this money?

There have been no further threats. The insurrection as the liberals like to call it, was for a specific reason – to prevent Biden from being confirmed as president. Why? Because Trump was never given the opportunity to prove that there was voter fraud.

Biden’s been confirmed. He’s been inaugurated. He’s been doing his job. There’s no threat now – though if he continues to write executive orders instead of working with Congress, there may be another insurrection just to steal all of his damn pens.

As the Capitol remains on lockdown, it also means that Americans can’t visit. Considering that Americans have always been able to visit, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

There are even some Democrats who want to build permanent fencing around the Capitol. Yes, fencing. Yes, just like what Trump wanted to do around the U.S. Mexico border. It’s amazing how the Democrats change their tune about security measures when it suddenly concerns them.

The cost of a fence would be significant – so that would be an expense above and beyond the $1 billion that will be spent by the end of March.

It all comes down to the fact that there’s no reason to spend this kind of money. There have been no further threats.

Perhaps if the Biden administration would focus on running the country and getting things back to normal, they wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked. Plenty of Democrats have sat in the White House in the past without having insurrectionists trying to push through the doors. Surely, Biden and Harris can figure out how to handle things.

The spending has to come to a stop. DC does not need any additional troops nor do they need a fence. To spend such money is to spit in the face of every American who has dealt with security issues due to liberal intolerance in the past year.