Ice Chief: 140 Years to Clear List of Illegals Living in the United States

The destructive Democrats have screwed the American people for the past two years. Their refusal to help President Trump secure the border when he took office was the cause of what the ICE acting Director, Matt Albence is saying about how long it will take to remove all the illegals from America.

He has given the figure of 140 years to remove every illegal from the United States. The number of illegal immigrants surged in the past two years because the Democrats wanted to let them in.

The number of illegals that the Democrats escorted across the border in the past two years in 900,000 people. That brings the total number of illegals living in America to 3.3 million. ICE is having a hard time getting to the people they need to deport.

Albence said that “As numbers continue to climb, they will continue to outpace ICE’s inabilities to swiftly remove individuals.” They just cannot keep up with the Democrat’s agenda to destroy America.

ICE has arrested 2,500 that were non-violent people that are not supposed to be in the country. When the math is done he says, “If we do that, based on just the numbers that came in the last two years, it would take us about 140 years to clear up that backlog.”

The process for kicking out the illegals needs to be made easier. Right now, there is a lot of red tape that has to be cut to just remove one illegal. The rest of the people that ICE goes after are the hardened criminals.

Albence is requesting that his 2021 budget be increased by $10.4 billion in just money that can be used at his discretion. He is also asking for 60,000 new spots to be created in the detention cells. This will allow them to hold more people and see that they are removed from the country. ICE is only able to hold 1.5 percent of the illegals that come into the country.

The court may order the removal of a person but that does not mean it will happen promptly. Albence was clear and to the point when he stated, “Without additional resources to actually effectuate a judge’s removal orders, we will have an immigration enforcement and court system in which billions of dollars a year are spent to obtain orders, that are not worth the paper they are written on.”

He is so short-staffed that he has no people to enforce the removal of the illegals. The increased budget and rooms to detain people will greatly increase his ability to do the job that he has been asked to do.

In addition to the lack of resources that the Democrats have provided, the illegals can appeal their case to higher courts. This should not be the case as they are not Americans. They should not have the rights that true citizens have.

Only about 10 percent of asylum cases are true. The rest is made up of stories that the courts are rejecting but the illegal gets to appeal. It does not make any sense. The Democrats have broken the system and it will take a lot to fix it.

Albence has rightly pointed out that “So this is not about asylum, this is about the release. Most of these individuals want to come here because they know regardless if the get a removal order, regardless if they show up to court if they don’t have a detention bed at the time the removal order is issued, the likelihood of them actually being removed from the country is nill.”

Of the 140,000 or more that were arrested by ICE around 120,000 of those are people that have committed violent crimes. President Trump is a miracle worker as he has gotten the numbers to fall dramatically in the face of Democratic terror.

But those first two years added 900,000 new illegals that ICE will have to deal with. The Democrats are not fit to make laws nor are they ready to lead a nation.