Illegal Immigrant Flees To Mexico Because Jail Wouldn’t Hold Him For ICE

There have been constant issues with sanctuary cities allowing illegal immigrants to do as they please. They don’t want to cooperate with ICE. ICE agents are trying to keep the country safer due to the incidents caused by illegals.

Just recently, an immigrant has gotten away with murder (quite literally) because the jail chose not to cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Many ICE agents and Republican politicians alike are asking the same question: how many lives have to be lost before people begin focusing more on public safety than a far-left political agenda that involves open borders and ignoring the fact that there are illegal immigrants here – and illegal means that they’re breaking the law.

Alejandro Maldonado-Hernandez was in illegal immigrant in Oregon, allegedly caused a car crash that took a life. It killed a woman by the name of Janace Ator and severely injured Patrick Ator, her husband.

The Washington County, Oregon Sheriff’s Department identified that Maldonado-Hernandez’s was driving the car that was racing at high speeds with another car. This is when Maldonado-Hernandez’s car hit another vehicle that was turning onto the road.

Maldonado-Hernandez was taken to the hospital with a few minor injuries according to ICE. He was arrested on the same day with second-degree felony manslaughter charges along with third-degree felony assault as well as misdemeanor reckless driving. He was booked into the Washington County Jail later on that day.

ICE contacted Maldonado-Hernandez at the county jail a few days later and issued an immigration detainer. They identify that under federal law, they have the authority to launch an immigration detainer with law enforcement partners who maintain custody of an individual arrested on criminal charges.

Instead, the jail chose not to honor the detainer. On August 8, nearly 2 weeks after issuing the detainer, they released Maldonado-Hernandez back into the community that he had already victimized. Rather than staying around for his court date where he would be tried, he fled to Mexico as a way of avoiding prosecution.

Additionally, the sheriff’s department noted that three people helped him, including Luis Maldonado-Hernandez, Ernesto Garcia, and Alicia Scardina. All three of these individuals were arrested for hindering prosecution.

Nathalie Asher, an ICE field office director in Seattle identified that it is a costly decision for sheriff’s departments to continuously rebuffed immigration detainers. By not holding dangerous individuals, it allows criminal aliens to be released back into the community. Regardless of whether they post bail or not, most will flee, as was the case with Maldonado-Hernandez.

Asher explains that local law enforcement officials need to work with ICE. They need to identify to ICE when a criminal alien is being released back into the community. Deciding to cite misguided sanctuary laws continuously makes it possible for dangerous criminals to enter back into the street, fleeing prosecution, and jeopardize public safety. She also added that it is a “real slap in the face” to the friends and family of the victims.

In regards to the fatal car accident that took place in Washington County, Oregon, one man has lost his wife as a result of an illegal immigrant choosing to race down the street. Rather than see justice for the multiple criminal charges that were dealt against him, the illegal immigrant was able to post bail and flee to Mexico because the sheriff’s department chose not to work with ICE.

What happened in Washington County, Oregon is happening all across the country. Many misguided cities and towns are choosing to enact sanctuary laws, allowing them to protect illegal immigrants as opposed to allowing ICE to collect them. However, most of the illegal immigrants that are on the radar for ICE are not simply those who have entered the country illegally. They are not only illegal immigrants but also hardened criminals who have tried to flee prosecution from another area.

Each and every day, the citizens of sanctuary cities are at risk because the sheriff departments and the politicians are not allowing ICE to do their job. Instead, they are allowing illegal immigrants who have committed a number of crimes to roam the streets without fear of having to deal with the law. The illegal immigrants are well aware of their rights, and politicians continue to put legal American citizens at risk simply because of making a political move against ICE and Trump.

Asher has an important question: How many lives have to be lost? This is the question that all of the Democratic candidates are trying to dodge because if it were up to them, borders would be opened entirely.