Illegals Load Up Station Wagons to Hit the Trail Northward as Biden Lifts Immigration Blockades

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Joe Biden is actively looking for ways to increase the flow of illegals up from Mexico. The southern border is where Biden can focus on making a mess of things. His lust for power has led him to believe that creating problems is how he can help America. It has never occurred to him that the best way to help America is to keep problems from becoming a reality.

The president plans to lift the restrictions imposed on immigration because of the pandemic. People seeking access to the United States have typically been turned away if they were sick or had contact with any person that had COVID-19. But now that the president is selfishly messing with the border again, the flow of people is expected to pick up.

Border agents engaged over 221,000 migrants in just a month of March. The sharp increase of illegals from one month to the following highlights Biden’s presidency.

The Democrats want Biden to lift the remaining restrictions because the extreme liberals believe America should have open borders. Open borders are a hallmark trait of socialism. They need to have poor people flooding the country so they can justify the social programs designed to put people under the government’s control.

Biden has proven that he does not have what it takes to stand up to people. He may act tough at times, but when pressured by a crowd or an influential person, he is quick to back down and give them what they want. The illegals are putting pressure on the old man, and he is falling right into their hands.

The removal of Donald Trump’s immigration laws was Biden’s undoing. Had he left the regulations alone, the border would not be swelling with illegals. But Biden told the illegals to start moving northward because he would let them all in.

Trump also shut down the border and enacted Title 42, which gives border agents the right to refuse people access to the country based on health concerns. The law from 1944 was enacted to keep the threat of deadly health agents from being spread around. But with Biden in office, Title 42 is in trouble as he seeks to remove the final barrier keeping his beloved illegals away.

Biden may want to remove Title 42 because of the fall in viral cases. But he still wants to keep mandates in place. The liberal president is highly inconsistent with the way he operates. His love for illegals lets them run free, but he wants to keep torturing legal citizens because, deep down, he feels that they owe the world something.

The president lives in his deluded world. He sits back and thinks that he can handle whatever comes his way. But the current number of illegals crossing the border is more than he can handle. And now he wants to remove more restrictions so that the number increases.

Newsbreak reported that “Human rights groups and other migrant advocates say the U.S. has a legal obligation to permit people to seek asylum and have called for the lifting of the public health order. ‘The United States can and must welcome people seeking asylum because it is the law, because it is right, and because we can,’ the Catholic Legal Immigration Network said in a statement Monday to mark Holy Week.”

The right for people to apply for asylum only holds as long as they do not actively threaten the United States. Title 42 keeps deadly health threats out of the country by not permitting people carrying such agents from having access to the country’s interior.

For Biden to remove the restrictions is to open America up to the threat of viral attack. His constant push for a mask mandate shows that he currently believes that there is a threat. But for some strange reason, he allows illegals to flow into the country without enforcing mask mandates. But unless the president comes to grips with the fact that the southern border is a crisis, there will not be any changes to the current operation.