Illinois Seeks To Make Drunken Passion Legal Between Two People

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The Illinois Democrats are playing around with a bill that would make getting a girl drunk before sex a legal way of raping her. Mark Walker is the sick man that introduced the bill and wants to make it legal for two drunk people to have sex whether it was consented to or not. In his thinking, both drunks would not be able to give consent, thereby making it legal for them to engage in sinful behaviors.

Walker’s bill would amend the Criminal Code and update the Sex Offenses Article of the Code by redefining what consent looks like. He is giving a man the loophole to get a girl drunk and, then, use that as an excuse to rape her while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The bill is the dream of every stalker alive. They would be able to get away with as much rape as possible without having to answer for their crimes.

Walker’s walk around in the bill makes it illegal for the other person to intoxicate the victim purposely. But there would be no way that it could be proved that the aggressor drugged the other person or not. It would come down to which person was worthy of being trusted or not.

Scott Greenfield is a defense attorney, and he does not like the bill at all. He stated on Twitter that “Intoxication, rather than incapacitation, would make sex a crime for lack of consent, even if both are drunk. On the other side of the argument is the thought that one party engaging in drunken sex could then accuse the other person of rape. Whoever goes to the police first wins. This will be a nightmare.”

The Democrats have made it their point to create an environment where words matter. They even claim that the words people speak do not have to mean what the dictionary says it means. The greedy sex desire in some people has been looking for a way to beat the law, and now a Democrat has finally given that path to walk. The victim will claim she was raped, but once it is found she was drunk, the case will be dropped because drunken sex would be legal.

The places where this bill will create problems would be university campuses where men and women are often thrown together in dormitories. The pressure to hook up with a girl by friends and, then, engage in some matehood ritual is all that is needed to get the girl drunk and rape her.

The liberals have worked hard to create a society where men and women can have sex with any person. The concept of animal sex has driven people to engage in sex outside of the bonds of marriage. The Democrats hate the idea of marital sex and believe that they should be able to sleep with any person they want. But that belief has opened the door to unthinkable consequences.

Another problem with the bill is which party must have consent before sex can occur. Most of the time, the woman is the one who must agree. But in some cases, the male is the victim. Consensual sex has significant problems that cannot be worked out in the politician’s bedroom.

Walker’s bill seeks to eliminate the bias and the sexism of drunken sex. It would make it legal to get drunk and have sex without having any agreement by either party. But in the end, it will be the baby who will fight for his life because two people engaged in drunken sex. Oh but wait, the Democrats have a solution for that, too.

The issues that Walker is trying to eliminate are many. But his bill only adds to the pile. Both aggressive men and women will find a way to get others drunk to abuse their bodies without having to gain consent. The victim will have lost any grounds on which to press charges. And the aggressor will be able to smile proudly because they have gotten away with a violent crime.