Impossible! Michigan, Georgia, PA and VA All Show the Exact Same Vote Ratio Between Trump and Biden Among Mail-In Votes

Over the course of the 2020 presidential election, we have reported on a wide range of glitches that have taken place. These incidents have been causing a number of people to ask a lot of good questions. Now that the data is freely circulating, various patriots want to know more. The information that is currently on hand is not adding up at all.

Millions of votes that were supposed to go to the current president were illegally deleted or transferred over to Joe Biden. Strange patterns have been identified in a number of states, including Pennsylvania. The vote percentages between the votes that Trump received on Election Day and through mail-in voting are essentially impossible to reconcile.

Michigan is also experiencing patterns that are tough to explain. The patterns were consistent across a few different counties in this state and these findings point to fraud. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai performed an independent study and was able to identify over 100,000 votes that had been moved from President Trump over to Biden.

Dr. Shiva’s analysis set was also used to look over the votes in the city of Milwaukee. The number of votes that have been moved in the city of Milwaukee were enough to flip the entire state over to Biden. Virginia and Pennsylvania were also found to have added votes to the tally in an irregular manner.

When votes were added to these states, those who have studied the voting believe that there is an unusual ratio for Trump and Biden’s tallies. Michigan and Georgia are experiencing the same impossible activities. In Georgia, Trump had a commanding lead over Biden. He was up 57 percent to 42 percent.

From there, every single batch of votes came in with the same 50.05 to 49.95% margin, in favor of Biden. It seems a bit tough to believe that every batch would have the same breakdowns from a percentage standpoint but that’s just us. This indicates fraud but no one is doing anything about it at this point.

The Michigan fraud is a bit more complicated to explain, so we will turn it over to the good folks at Gateway Pundit. Their comprehensive breakdown is a must-read. “Of the 530 entries in the New York Times of the Michigan votes for President at around 03:37:16Z, (10:36 PM EST), with around 25% of the expected vote cast, Trump is ahead by a margin of 55% to 43%.  Up to that point, Trump was winning many of the batches 60%-40%, 70%-30%, and a few batches at even 75-25%!

From 25-53% of the expected vote cast, the incremental vote percentage is unusually consistent at 45% Biden, 55% Trump in 101 of the 160 incremental count batches, that’s in 63% of the batches.  Of the 59 batches that are NOT consistent with the pattern, we find the negative adjustments being made in those batches, and larger batches (more than 10,000 votes) going for Biden.

Then at 12:46 AM EST, with about 54% of the expected vote count in, the “consistent” percentage of batches is updated to 46% Biden and 54% Trump.  This is consistent until the total expected vote counts reach 88% of the vote cast.  (Note shortly before this time a reported approximate load of 120,000+ votes are reported to be brought into the TCF building in Detroit where votes are being counted.)

At 6:31 AM EST, we see a SINGLE batch reported of 141,258 votes for Biden, and only 5,968 for Trump, the batch goes 96% Biden, 4% for Trump!  Again, absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.  Presumably, this is the start of what was delivered into the building around 4 AM CST!

There are numerous batches after this point in time where the batches are reported at the EXACT same split, this time 50.254% Trump to 49.746% Biden, that’s right, precision to the THOUSANTH decimal.  At 9:02 AM EST, there are two more large Biden batches counted that give Biden the first lead of election, with 91% of the votes counted and at 9:15 AM EST, Biden leads 49,3% to 49.2%!  And from that point on, ALMOST EVERY BATCH is counted as 49% Trump, 50% Biden! 28 of 44 of them!”

That was a lot to take in, we know. Now that they have been caught, we can’t wait to see how all of this is explained away. Election fraud is no laughing matter. We cannot wait to see all of the parties responsible being hauled off to jail.