In Fauci’s World, Holiday Parties Will Include Punch, Mistletoe…and Vax Cards

Alexander Kuzovkov /
Alexander Kuzovkov /

Dr. Fauci has bathed in the publicity that he has received for being the point-person of the COVID pandemic. He says whatever he wants without thinking about the actual ramifications for people living in the real world.

One thing we have learned is that Dr. Fauci is most certainly not the life of any holiday party.

As everyone prepares their holiday punches and hangs their mistletoe to ready themselves for a holiday party, Dr. Fauci would like to offer a recommendation. Ready yourself for this one: check for a vaccine card.

That’s right. He wants us to ask everyone who shows up for a party for their vaccine card. Now, this isn’t exactly the kind of advice that any of us wants to hear. And, it seems a bit counter-productive in comparison to all that we’re hearing on the news.

There are home test kits that are available in pharmacies around the country. Sure, it will cost $24 for two kits, but it gets the job done. So, people could test themselves to confirm if they have COVID before showing up to a holiday party. If everyone is negative, it’s not a risk to anyone.

Only, Dr. Fauci doesn’t want to remind people about the home test kits. He wants to make sure everyone gets vaccinated. Yet, if the idea is to make sure that we’re not spreading COVID, testing at home would be just as useful.

Or, is he saying that the home test kits aren’t as effective as they should be? Many have said that they aren’t – and so it begs the question of why they’re even being sold in stores.

This is about control. This is about being a Debbie Downer for the holidays.

Dr. Fauci doesn’t want to address any of the issues that are causing people to not want to get vaccinated. You know…things like natural immunity for those who already had COVID and the fact that getting vaccinated isn’t a guarantee that you won’t get COVID.

As he pushed during a live streaming session that was hosted by the Washington Post, the “expert” said, “People should, if they invite people over to their home, to essentially ask and maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated.”

Nothing quite says, “Merry Christmas” like “Hey, prove to me that you’re vaccinated by showing a meaningless card in my face.”

Aren’t the holidays supposed to be a time of togetherness? Showing proof of vaccine doesn’t prove anything except that a person has complied with the ridiculous demands of the Biden administration. A negative test result is much more likely to show that a person isn’t a walking bag of germs…but we’re not supposed to think about such things.

Dr. Fauci is like the person who keeps regifting things for the office white elephant exchange that he got from back in the 80s. He’s a broken record without thinking about how new and relevant information could actually be beneficial.

What would be really nice is for Christmas…or perhaps the new year, we could get a new “expert” for the White House. Maybe even someone who will follow the science instead of fear-mongering? Please, Santa, please make that happen. Signed, every American who wants to maintain their freedoms.