Inflation Hits 8.3% Last Month…Is It Getting Better?

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After seven months of running around like an ape with its hair on fire, the inflation rate is beginning to slow down. As the year-over-year rate slowed down to 8.3% growth from April, the 8.5% peak in March served as a 40-year high inflation rate. Looking at the smaller picture, from March to April, the U.S. experienced a 0.3% increase, which while significant is still slowing from the previous eight months.

These prices skyrocketing is a sign that the American people should begin to grow accustomed to the idea of prices staying up. While removing food and energy categories (which are always incredibly volatile and can change the easiest of all) the core categories of inflation jumped 0.6%. This is double the 0.3% from February to March rate. This jump is from skyrocketing airfare costs, hotel rooms, new cars, and rental costs all going up.

Food has been the area for most families to feel the pinch the worst. Since 1980, the U.S. has never seen a 10.8% increase in prices in our year-over-year prices as we did in April. Between the Ukrainian-Russia conflict, and the food processing plant problems, there seems to be something larger at stake here. Presidents have been known to do what it takes to make the American people accept the fate of the nation. The current Biden administration has become notorious for their poor operational planning, so when things fail, they find ways to distract us and cover it up.

Our incompetent and manipulative mainstream media has been a huge factor in getting Americans to not only accept that inflation is happening, but in some cases, they have even tried convincing the American people that this inflation is a good thing. This preposterous mindset has been everywhere as of late, but it keeps gaining traction despite economists who aren’t tied to Biden openly admitting we are in a horrible place, and our illustrious President is responsible for all of it.

In some instances, they are avoiding deflection, and instead of blaming the suppliers. Fuel costs are one of the areas where the manufacturers get the most blame. In May we have seen nothing but rising fuel costs. While April marked a small 6.1% decrease, we are still up 44% over last year. This is in no small part due to Biden and his attempts to force the Build Back Better bill and the Green New Deal down the American people’s throats like a drunken prom date. He has no respect for the American people, he just wants to use us to get what he wants, and cheap fuel is not a part of that plan at all.

This inflation is going to dramatically impact Biden and his fellow Democrats at the polls. His false promises, lack of action to keep the people first, and an overwhelming sense of making a mistake when electing Biden are pushing many middle-of-the-road voters back to the Republican side. They have experienced a truly conservative economy and they fell in deep love with it. Much like the saying goes, they let it leave. Now, they want to see if it can come back and truly be theirs.

May 10th saw President Biden finally address the elephant in the room, and he gave a speech about the economy and the inflation we are experiencing. While finally making a declaration that inflation is “the No. 1 problem facing families today” as well as “my top domestic priority,” he simply glossed over just how bad the problem has gotten. He is taking absolutely zero responsibility for the problems we are facing. No dog-walking of Pete Buttigieg to get the American people to recognize that man’s failures. Instead, he just cried about the problems without identifying the root cause of the problem or giving plans to fix it.