Investigating the Investigators – How’s It Feel, Brennan?

The tables have been turned on John Brennan as he is now being investigated by John Durham. He is looking at the origins of what made the FBI start looking into President Trump’s campaign.

There is something that has caught the eye of Durham as he is now looking into the why of the investigation into President Trump’s presidential campaign. The probe into Brennan is looking for any illegal spying from Russia or other sources. Such actions are not too far removed from the way that the stupid Democrats operate to get what they want.

Barr and Durham are working through accusations and reports of actions by Russia. One report says that a man by the name of Joseph Mifsud was sent over to the United States to make a mess of Trump’s campaign.

He was to spy on the campaign and see what every person was up to. Several people have been talking about this man and the work that he was doing. The witnesses are said that they have first-hand evidenced that this person exists. If he does, then there are going to be people within the United States that are guilty of helping the criminal.

The dumb Democrats are just the ones to aid such a person. The Mueller report hinted at the possibility of Democratic involvement. Obama was said to have known about Russian interference within the county, and he did nothing about it.

Obama is a person that let events happen that were leading up to the 2016 election. The Democrats want to establish a Democratic legacy for themselves, and they will do anything to establish that utopia mindset.

Interesting enough is the fact Mifsud’s cell phones have been found and are now in the possession of the Department of Justice. John Brennan is thought to have worked with the deception that was building within the Democratic Party to destroy the Republicans presidential campaign.

Evidence is mounting against the claims by the guilty that this is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. William Barr is finding more and more proof that there is cancer within-country being fed by the Democrats. Their criminal actions are proof that their agenda is to overthrow the current government.

John Brennan very well could have been the brains behind the internal workings of criminal activity. He would have been in a position to see the intelligence coming in regarding Trump and his people. William Barr is working to discover his role in the actions he played against President Trump and his connection with the Russian spy.

Right now Barr is working on investigating several agents within the agency to determine what their role in all the trouble is. Brennan was head of the CIA from 2013 to 2017 while Obama was the president. One of Brennan’s people has stated that the investigation is focusing on “Russia’s interference in the election and the role that Russian officials played.

In our government, the FBI is who conducts counterintelligence investigations on U.S. citizens. What Barr and Trump are reportedly up to not only doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it is yet another dangerous abuse of power, something that seems to now happen daily in this administration.”

The Mueller report did a good job investigating the Russian spying and meddling during the election. Many people were found and questioned as to the truth of the story. Mueller found that the president had nothing to with any of it. Instead, it was reported that the trouble started while the Democrats controlled the Oval Office.

Brennan will be investigated and the truth will be found out as to his involvement with the criminal activity that is being dug up on the Democrats. The only thing that the president is guilty of is working for the people of the United States with honesty and integrity. He is living up to his promises and the dumb Democrats are hating him for it.

The people of the United States wanted a president that would stand up to the corruption and the greed that is infiltrating the Democrats. President Trump is one that works for the people and not the corrupt liberal left.