Iranian Plot to Kidnap American Shut Down by Heroic Law Enforcement, Biden No Help

Joe Biden and his administration ignorantly have fallen for the lie that Iran wants to pay back its debts to foreign powers. Iran is the world’s biggest producer and supporter of terrorists. And for Biden to think for one second, Iran wants to pay people back to show how ignorant he is regarding terrorist nations. Iran only wants access to money frozen by sanctions so they can use it to terrorize people.

Iran has long sought to have the sanctions put in place by Donald Trump lifted. And their target to achieve their goal is none other than the gullible Joe Biden. The liberal president has made it his defining mark to work with terrorist nations. He supports Iranian nuclear endeavors and loves to jump into bed with China as he protects their interests.

Antony Blinken is Biden’s current Secretary of State. He decided to go ahead and sign a waiver that would allow for the “transfer of Iranian funds in restricted accounts to exporters in Japan and the Republic of Korea.” That decision sounds noble, but it allows frozen money to be used in ways that will potentially harm people.

The notification was sent to Congress, but liberals control them, so they are naturally going to look the other way as Iran starts up their terrorist programs again. Bliken’s waiver makes it legal for the money to be moved to Iran and not violate the sanctions.

Blinke’s waiver states very clearly that “Allowing these funds to be used to repay exporters in these jurisdictions will make those entities whole with respect to the goods and services they exported to Iran, address a recurring irritant in important bilateral relationships, and decrease Iran’s foreign reserves.” A fancy way of skirting the law, so Biden does not have to answer for violating it.

All of the favoritism that Biden is handing out to enemies of America shows where his loyalties lie. Not once has the Biden administration condemned hostile actions against the American people. Instead, they seek ways to empower terrorist nations and people that would subvert and destroy America from within.

The State Department did claim that none of the money would ever reach Iran. They claim that the money will be sent to companies that Iran owes money for items sent to them from an approved list of commodities. But as soon as those accounts are unfrozen, there is nothing to stop Iran from moving the money into another account with another financial center sympathetic to their existence.

Robert Goldberg is a senior advisor with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He has seen right through the deception of Blinken’s waiver. He stated that “There’s a reason we talk about accessible foreign exchange reserves versus inaccessible foreign exchange reserves. If you free up money that’s trapped in foreign accounts for Iran to pay off debts, you are bailing out the regime and rescuing the mullahs from a balance of payments crisis.”

He went on to point out that the administration agreed to release the money and bailout Iran right after the Department of Justice revealed that Iran tried to kidnap an American journalist. He stated, “This is a bailout, plain and simple. And to announce it right as DOJ tells us Iran tried to kidnap an American journalist out of New York City—that’s a national outrage.” But Biden has yet to condemn the actions of the Iranian regime. All he can do is praise them for wanting to pay their debts. But all Biden is doing for them is helping to bail them out of financial trouble.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Mark J. Lesko noted that “Every person in the United States must be free from harassment, threats and physical harm by foreign powers. Through this indictment, we bring to light one such pernicious plot to harm an American citizen who was exercising their First Amendment rights, and we commit ourselves to bring the defendants to justice.”

The only people who have not given up on securing the country are the men and women who work in law enforcement. They continue to do their job even when the liberals fight against them. They are the true heroes that keep America safe from terrorists coming through Washington.