Iran’s President-Elect Wants Nothing to Do With Biden…What Nuclear Agreement?

Vladimir Putin didn’t take too kindly to Joe Biden calling him a killer. The strongman reacted by immediately ordering Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. to pack his stuff and fly home. After the two leaders kissed and made up at their recent summit, the ambassador is now back on American soil.

But that’s Russia. Iran, on the other hand, isn’t about to pucker up. The Muslim nation’s president-elect, Ebrahim Raisi, wants nothing to do with Joe Biden. He doesn’t want to meet him, shake hands, embrace, share a cup of coffee with, or entertain a single word the man has to say. His only two words for the confused leader of the free world are, “Bara Nayek.” Google it if you must.

Abdolnasser Hemmati, one of the losers who ran against Raisi, said he would consider meeting with Biden if elected. It was soon after that his campaign fizzled out.

In the soon-to-be Iranian leaders’ first words since his landslide victory, Raisi said, “The U.S. is obliged to lift all oppressive sanctions against Iran.” Obliged? Not gonna happen, chump. Bear in mind how Raisi, in his role as Judiciary chief, had his big mitts involved in the mass execution of roughly 5,000 people in 1988. When quizzed on the matter Raisi said he is a “defender of the people.” With defenders like this who needs enemies?

Yet as much as Raisi detests Biden, and the U.S. in general, the two share a common bond. Both of their victories were bunk. The landslide was fabricated. But unlike the U.S. election which is still the subject of intense scrutiny, Iran won’t be using microscopes or fine-toothed combs to assure the validity of their election. It is what it is.

In reality, voter turnout was the lowest in Iranian history. They saw the election being slanted in the president-elect’s favor and figured why bother? In shows of protest, of the 28.9 million voters who did bother sashaying to the polls, 3.7 million of them later voided their vote. They didn’t care for any of the four candidates who were vying for the role and this was the best and, albeit, the only way, of making their point clear. There was no “best of the worst.”

Miraculously, Raisi walked off with 62% of the vote. Miraculously, Joe Biden is America’s president. End of paragraph.

Raisi plays hardball and so do his newly appointed heathen helpers. His rise to fame couldn’t have come at a worse time as negotiations to stop the bleeding of Iran’s fractured nuclear program are verging on announcing their time of death. Raisi, out of a sincere sense of compassion, is gonna pull the ventilator’s plug and end the suffering. There will be no deal.

Iran is about to pour more fluid into its uranium production. They have yet to enrich it enough to be used in weapons, but they’re 60% there despite previous agreements and sanctions, neither of which matter much to his predecessor but matter even less to Raisi.

The sanctions currently in place against Iran, many signed into order by former President Donald J. Trump, were placed against the rot-gut country for good reasons. It’s why they have as yet to annihilate the closest major U.S. city within their reach.

But some of the sanctions Raisi wants Biden to lift are not against Iran at all. They are against him personally. In his previous government role, Raisi earned the dubious distinction of becoming the world’s leading executioner.

So now this clown wants Biden to remove the only safety net the U.S. and every other non-Muslim country in the world have. He doesn’t want to talk about it either. Just do it pronto. Then maybe, just maybe, mind you, we won’t melt the faces off of millions of your people.

Some might call this extortion. We choose to call it a threat. We don’t like threats. Neither should you. End of paragraph.

While Raisi is talking a big game, with little support from the citizens he’ll soon be lording over, how will Biden, also a guy with minimal support these days, answer his demands? Trump would have not only given the cold-blooded murderer a reciprocal two-word statement in English, but he would have had a heap more to say. His neck veins would have been unmercifully throbbing as his words were shooting spit all over the first few rows of unfortunate spectators.

Thus far Biden hasn’t said a word about any of this. He’s laying back. You know. Playing it cool and hoping like hell Iran is bluffing. News flash; They aren’t.

Wake up, Joe. End of the paragraph, and maybe the end of Houston, or New Orleans, or D.C., or, or, or.