Is Biden Actually Aiding and Abetting Terrorists?

President Biden may actually hate Americans as much as the terrorists do. Why else would he pull troops out of Afghanistan so quickly that it left the Taliban with billions of dollars of American weaponry and vehicles?

There are more and more calls for Biden’s impeachment. It is the words of Sean Parnell that stand out as the loudest. Why should we impeach the president? He’s been aiding and abetting terrorists right under our noses!

Parnell, an Army veteran who is also running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania next year, has detailed how the disaster in Afghanistan is solely Biden’s fault.

If there’s anyone who should be pointing out Biden’s faults in Afghanistan, it should be someone who served in heavy combat within the country. Parnell spoke with Breitbart News on SiriusXM to explain all that the president did wrong.

Parnell is the first to identify that the war had to end. After all, it’s been going on for 20 years. However, the way in which the handover was handled to the Afghan National Army was all wrong. It’s as if Biden wanted the Taliban to win.

“You don’t have to be Gen. Patton to know that it might be a bad idea to pull your military out of that country before you get your people out of there in one of the most hostile, rugged places on the earth,” Parnell explains.

This is one of the biggest issues that people have with the way Biden handled things. We yanked the military out of the country before getting all of the Americans and or allies out. Who would do that sort of thing?

It gave the Taliban the upper hand – and it’s suspected that they still have close to 100 Americans in the country, being held as hostages. Whenever there’s a hostage situation, it offers control. Biden did that. He gave the Taliban control by leaving Americans behind.

It wasn’t just one misstep by Biden, however. The abandonment of Bagram Airfield in July was one of the first times the president messed up in terms of how Afghanistan was handled.

Why would we abandon the largest base that we had in Afghanistan? It meant that the Taliban could not only take weapons from the base but also use them against us.

Parnell points also that the U.S. drone strike that was conducted at the end of August in Kabul. Rather than killing a suicide car bomber suspect, it took out innocent people, including seven children.

“Almost every single day, the situation got worse and worse, culminating with Joe Biden authorizing a drone strike that killed a U.S. aid worker and an entire Afghan family, and then went out to the podium and bragged about it.”

This may be what’s really wrong with it all. Biden didn’t have any kind of remorse about all of the actions that he took to give the Taliban power and weaken the American hold that we had.

Parnell wants to make sure that we don’t forget about the phone call that took place on July 23, either. This is when he spoke with then Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani. The transcript that was published by Reuters showed that Biden tried to convince the president to lie about how quickly the Taliban was advancing within the country.

Why would Biden want the Afghan president to lie? Oh, that’s right – because Biden wanted to pull a fast one on Americans. He didn’t want anyone to know that Afghanistan was going to fall even before American troops had vacated the country.

Everything that Biden did gave power to the terrorists. He helped them take the country. He helped them gain power. And as a thank you, they celebrated with a parade through Kabul using all of the military vehicles that we left behind.

Great job, Biden. Parnell is right – it’s time to impeach the president. And, if Parnell gets into the Senate, he’ll work to make that happen. Then, he’ll turn around and convict him of aiding and abetting terrorist groups.