Is Bill Clinton Really Who We Want to Listen to About Empowering Women?

Bill Clinton may have been the most sexually mischievous president the U.S. has ever seen. He went down in history for having an affair with one of his aides. He was considered a sexual predator throughout his presidency.

In some circles, he even went by the name of “Bubba.”

Yet, he’s the president that Kamala Harris will stand next to in owner to promote the empowerment of women.

Really? This can’t possibly be the best choice.

Liberals around the country gushed when Kamala Harris joined the Joe Biden ticket. Then, when he won, everyone gushed again as she made history by being the first Vice President.

Regardless of political affiliation, it’s exciting to see that a woman has made it into the high ranks of the U.S. government. It’s easy to get excited that women are being seen as stronger and more capable than ever before.

Kamala Harris can certainly talk about the empowerment of women.

However, Harris will be going one-on-one with none other than Bill Clinton when it comes to empowering women all over the world.

Apparently, a president who doesn’t have a reputation for being a womanizer wasn’t available. So, the man who will forever be remembered as saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” will be the co-host of the event. We all know that “sexual relations” was a questionable phrase as we all saw the blue dress.

Harris is participating in all of this as part of the Clinton Global Initiative event. However, isn’t this the wrong Clinton? Hilary has always been the one focused on girl power. Bill has been the one who is the manipulator of women.

Howard University, Harris’ alma mater, is the one partnering with the Clinton Foundation to bring the event.

None of it seems okay, though. Kamala Harris may have inspired millions of women in the U.S. and the world to go into politics but partnering with Bill Clinton to talk about empowerment sounds like a bad idea.

What’s next? Is she going to partner with R. Kelly to talk about underage sex? Is she going to partner with O.J. Simpson to warn about spousal abuse?

The Clintons seem to be exploiting Kamala Harris. They’ll use her to push their agenda. They’ll use her as the figurehead to show all of the good that they’re doing.

While many good things may have come out of the Clinton Foundation, it’s as if they’re trying too hard to make up for all of the wrong things that Bill Clinton did while he was in office – and out. We’ll never forget his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, no matter how much charity work he or Hillary does.

Meanwhile, when we’re talking about female empowerment, what does it really say that Hilary stayed with Bill after all that happened? She stayed by his side while he had relations with a White House aide. She stayed by his side while he turned her into a laughingstock across America.

Is that what female empowerment means to the Clintons? As a female, you need a prominent male figure at your side. You stay with the president no matter what he may do because you need him to advance your own political career. Yeah, that doesn’t sound very empowering.

Those on Twitter have been having a field day since the event was first announced. Kamala Harris joined forces with the Clinton Foundation since Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t available. Others suggested they get Harvey Weinstein in on the conversation.

It’s clear that Bill Clinton is not the person to talk about female empowerment. Yet, Kamala Harris sees no issue. Perhaps this means that we need to rethink everything that we know about Harris. She may be a female, but she’s clearly not looking to help every female advance – unless it involves climbing under the desk of the sitting president.