Is COVID an Issue or Not? Dems Can’t Decide!

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The Democrats have loved everything about COVID because it allows them to exert control over the entire U.S. It helps to make their liberal hearts beat a little bit faster thanks to all of that power.

Now, we have to make the decision: Is COVID still a threat or not?

Most of us reading this would say that there is no longer a threat. However, the Democrats don’t want to give up all of their power. So, they want to pick and choose when it’s not an issue.

If it has to do with wearing a mask in an airport or on a plane, COVID is still an issue. If it has to do with letting nursery school kids wear a mask on the playground, COVID is still an issue.

Here’s the kicker. If it has to do with letting illegal immigrants into the country regardless of COVID or not, then COVID is no longer an issue. Let them in, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated, tested positive, or even showing symptoms.

It’s quite the double standard, don’t you think?

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) was happy to call the Democrats out on it.

“I find it ironic the administration wants $10 billion to address the COVID epidemic, which, by the way, as a doctor, I support, but then they’re telling us there’s no reason to worry about COVID among those coming here illegally that have a much lower rate of immunization than do we. You can’t have it both ways. Are we still going to require kids in Head Start programs to wear a mask on the playground, but not worry about people coming across the border? They want it both ways. If we’re going to address COVID, let’s address it.”

Democrats don’t want to, though. They are the epitome of wanting it both ways.

In the event that Title 42 is lifted, there will be no more reason to keep the illegal immigrants out of the U.S. We’ll see even more coming into the country than we are now – and they are going to be bringing COVID with them.

So, if we don’t see an uptick of COVID cases naturally, we will by the time those from Mexico and Central America are done pouring in.

Oh, and we can also assume that many crossing the border will be bringing fentanyl with them. That’s been the case up until now – and that’s something that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas doesn’t even want to talk about. We’ll have more people and more fentanyl, which will only lead to more opioid deaths than we’ve already been experiencing.

If Title 42 is going to be lifted because COVID is no longer a concern, it’s time to start lifting everything else, too. We need to be able to go maskless in school, in airports, on planes, on buses, and everywhere else.

The Democrats have to drop their double standard the moment that they lift Title 42. Otherwise, they will forever be known as the party of hypocrites.

If they think Title 42 is going to get them more votes for the midterm elections, they’re in for a big surprise, especially if we’re still being forced to mask up when we board a bus, train, or plane.

If the Democrats can’t figure all of this out on their own – and fast – the GOP will have no choice but to take care of it once the majority is gained by year-end. Or at least, that is the hope.