Is It a Boy? Is It a Girl? Welcome Gender-Neutral Potato Head

It’s settled. Liberals have ruined everything.

Mr. Potato Head was a fine toy. The potato was only called such because he came with ways to dress him up as a “Mister.” There were mustaches and top hats and all sorts of other fine accessories.

Not to be outdone, the brand later released Mrs. Potato Head. This potato came with more feminine accessories such as bright red lips and eyes with long, flirty eyelashes.

Children could choose whether they wanted a Mr. or a Mrs. It is, after all, the two genders that one can possess.

It didn’t matter whether a boy chose to play with a Mr. or a Mrs. Potato Head. Girls, too, could choose. Some households even had one of each, allowing kids to play with both. With the availability of both accessories, it allowed for some mixing and matching. Once the accessories were off, it was simply a potato. There were no distinguishing marks to identify a boy potato from a girl potato.

In an effort to be liberally correct these days and avoid cancel culture, Mr. Potato Head is no more. They don’t want to offend. This is a toy potato that does not wish to offend because of the name that it has carried for decades.

Hasbro has made the decision to drop the “Mr.” from the name so that the potato head is no longer a male character. According to a press release, their goal is to shift away from gender normalities. Starting in the fall, the name will be changed on all of the boxes.

What in the world? The Toy Story movie franchise had always included Mr. Potato Head and referred to him as a male. At no point during the span of 25 years as the movies were released was there ever an outcry because of a plastic potato’s gender identity.

The name of the brand will now simply be “Potato Head.” That being said, Hasbro has also made it clear that the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Potato Head characters will not be going away. Now, the goal is to create an entire potato head family.

The new boxes will allow kids to mix and match. The “family” box will include two large potato bodies and one small potato body. With 42 accessories, kids can decide what gender they want to turn the potatoes into. Same-sex potato parents, gender-neutral potato parents, and more can be created.

It’s the ultimate toy for liberals. After all, we wouldn’t want kids to be offended by the gender assumed by a plastic toy shaped like a potato. Hasbro really saved us from the embarrassment of assuming that Mr. Potato Head was actually a Mister.

The reality is that the toy is focused on kids between the ages of two and three. There’s no reason why kids have to be introduced to gender issues at such an early age. They wouldn’t be old enough to understand that while there are only two genders, not everyone chooses to remain in the gender they were born in. Changing the brand is strictly to keep the crazed liberals at bay.

According to a spokesperson with Hasbro, Kimberly Boyd, the comment is that “Culture has evolved.” Maybe so, but there’s no reason why kids have to deal with gender identity as a toddler instead of just getting to play with a plastic potato.

Meanwhile, Hasbro isn’t the only one to change things up because of the cultural differences of today. Many toys are showing up on shelves that aim to be more inclusive to the various ethnicities and genders.

While Mattel hasn’t created a gender-neutral Barbie yet, they have released the “Maya Angelou” Barbie just in time for this year’s Black History Month.

There’s no telling what toy will get a makeover next. Even Thomas the Tank Engine’s show was given a female character to offer balance.