Is the FBI the Swamp? Wray Had Hunter Laptop Since December 2019 but Decided to Hide It From Trump to Protect Biden’s

The Hunter Biden laptop drama has been dragging on for some time now and we have been wondering what is going on there. Over the weekend, we finally received some answers on the matter. A Chinese news station released some startling images to the general public. Photos and videos were shared of his crack-smoking escapades.

How the younger Biden could have been foolish to compile this mountain of evidence is beyond us. These drug-induced flights of fancy are tough to watch. To make matters even worse, Hunter was his father’s bagman for many of his corrupt schemes. These two could not be bigger bumblers if they tried.

Call us crazy but we wouldn’t allow our crack-addicted son to be a part of our international plotting and scheme. OANN and Jack Posobiec are responsible for breaking the story. The mainstream media is not willing to discuss this at the moment. It’s interesting to watch them ignore all of the Joe Biden chicaneries that are smacking them directly in the face at the moment.

“SCOOP: DOJ source tells @OANN that FBI dropped the investigation of Hunter Biden laptop because they did not believe the repair shop owner’s story would hold up in court, although Mac Isaac provided them with evidence. They found zero evidence of foreign involvement,” Posobiec tweeted.

“This is what Wray has to get around as questions are being asked about his handling of this. Dec 2019 was just before DNC primary votes began and this clearly would have been a major factor. Wray never told WH any of this,” he continued. According to an Axios report, Wray is likely to be relieved of his duties as soon as the election is over.

This obviously makes a lot of sense. This sort of screw up is truly monumental. We would have been more shocked if there was no announcement about Wray’s fate. Perhaps the next person who is in possession of Democratic malfeasance will work harder to make sure that it ends up in the right hands.

It’s clear to see that this laptop would have remained hidden from the public’s view if no one had been willing to do what was right. If Joe Biden is willing to entrust some of his most important business to a crack addict just because they are related, it makes us wonder how bad it would get if he was allowed to choose a cabinet.

Are there any limits to this man’s nepotism? While the liberals are going to claim that the people who broke this story merely have an ax to grind, what do they gain by continuing to sit on this? They are only trying to provide the American people with the information that the mainstream media outlets are not willing (or ready to) offer.

The American voter cannot be asked to make a decision this important without having access to all of the facts. They are being deprived of crucial data during a time when they can least afford it. If not for people like Posobiec and networks like OANN, we would be stuck waiting for CNN and the like to actually care about what is going on.

As anyone who pays attention to the current climate knows, there is no chance of that happening. The mainstream news outlets do not want to see another Trump victory. They are going to be rooting for Biden at all costs. Since they cannot contain their bias, these are the stories that are not going to make their way into the national news cycle.

At least we can say that we were fully informed before we headed out to the polls. The liberals sent in their mail-in ballots the first chance that they got because they did not care to learn anymore. That’s not a strategy that anyone should be willing to emulate. Reports like these are a very valuable tool in the decision-making process.