Jayapal Focuses on Leadership Role to Push House Further Left

Pramila Jayapal is one of the most liberal Representatives in the House. She’s part of “The Squad” along with such individuals as AOC and Ayanna Pressley. She and the rest of them have a progressive agenda that needs to be advanced in any way possible. You don’t think the country is going to simply move to socialism without their help, do you?

The only way that Jayapal is going to succeed is by being more than just a Representative. She has her sights set on a leadership role. While some want to try to oust Nancy Pelosi, Jayapal wants to be at her side – and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Jayapal, a Democrat out of Washington state, is already the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which shows just how far left she is. She is looking at seeking a 2022 House leadership position – and that includes the possibility of challenging Representative Katherine Clark (D-MA) for the assistant speaker of the House.

Quite a few Representatives have confirmed that Jayapal is making the rounds to see if she has a chance for getting the vote.

Jayapal knows that she has to work quickly. The Democrats don’t have much of a lead, so she’ll do whatever she can to hold onto that lead – and seek out a bit more power while she still can.

It’s people like her and the rest of the Squad that has caused the majority to wane. Too many Americans don’t want to see what a progressive America looks like. They’d rather stay within a moderate political view. Yet, it’s become clear that Jayapal could care less what the American people want. She has her own agendas, and they are dangerously progressive.

Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) explained that “The last thing you want, if you are a person that is thinking about running, is to rock the boat right now.” He went on to explain how everyone is seeking to simply hold onto their seats in the 2022 midterms.

Clearly, Jayapal is more concerned about power than anything else. If she has to rock the boat, she will.

What she should be focused on is legislation – especially since a significant part of Biden’s agenda has been stalled.

The economy, illegal immigration, COVID – there are real topics plaguing America right now. If Jayapal wants to prove that she’s capable of holding a more powerful position, she has to earn it. And since her focus is on power rather than legislation, it’s showing just the opposite – she’s not ready. And, with her progressive agenda, she’ll never be welcomed with open arms.

Representative Cori Bush (D-MO), a member of the Squad, wasn’t too quick to support Jayapal, even though they have similar agendas. She said, “I haven’t heard it officially yet” and went on to say that she wanted to make sure they win the midterms first.

That seems to be everyone’s focus. Get through the midterms first.

This is typical behavior of a progressive politician. They are selfish. They think only of themselves. And, it’s just another way to grab for power when no one is looking.

Jayapal hasn’t even wanted to work with the Biden administration. She used her progressive position in the Congressional Progressive Caucus to stall the Build Back Better plan because she didn’t feel as though the plan had enough money dedicated to the progressive agenda. Meanwhile, everyone else stalling the plan thought there was entirely too much money being spent.

Everyone seems to be doing what they can to help America. Well, except for Jayapal. She’s on her own mission to destroy America, which is why we simply cannot allow her to grab for any more power than she already has. Perhaps as everyone votes to keep the status quo if the Dems do secure their majority in the midterms, she’ll realize that she doesn’t have the support she needs to advance her progressive agenda.