Joe Biden Bites Reporters Head Off Over Hunter Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s third presidential campaign has been dogged by the suspicion that he used his office to financially benefit his son, Hunter Biden. The younger Biden seems to have only gotten his job with a Ukrainian gas firm, Burisma Holdings because he was the son of a sitting vice president. Hunter’s ties to a Chinese investment firm has heightened suspicions that the Bidens have engaged in self-dealing.

The media has persisted in characterizing the suspicions concerning the Bidens as a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” The current impeachment kerfuffle is based on, in part, the accusation that President Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine in an attempt to force that country to open an investigation into the dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden.

Yet, Joe Biden’s problem with his son Hunter seems to persist, as illustrated by an encounter the former vice president had with Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter, about a paternity scandal that Hunter is involved in with an Arkansas woman, according to People Magazine.

“I’m wondering if you have a comment on this report and court filing out of Arkansas that your son Hunter just made you a grandfather again,” the reporter, Peter Doocy, asked.

“No, that’s a private matter and I have no comment,” Joe replied, noticeably not pleased with the line of questioning.

“Pointing at the journalist and offering a pointed smile, Joe added: “Only you would ask that. You’re a good man. You’re a good man. Classy.”

The matter rises beyond the mere salacious because, despite his great wealth, Hunter Biden has been refusing to pay for child support to the woman in question. A court-ordered DNA test confirmed that he is the father, so it looks like Hunter will be compelled to pay.

A little more serious development occurred recently when Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. demanded several documents concerning the business dealings of Hunter Biden. The older Biden did not take too kindly to the demand. It looks like that if the House votes to impeach President Trump, Hunter Biden is going to be called as a witness for the Senate trial. According to Fox News, Joe Biden offered what some people think was a threat.

“Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life,” he said, going on to address Graham directly: “Lindsey… I’m just embarrassed by what you’re doing — for you — I mean, my Lord.”

What the elder Biden said is open to interpretation. Hot Air had a different take on the matter. “This wasn’t Grandpa Joe promising to make Graham pay, this was him claiming that Graham’s own conscience would eventually swallow him up for carrying Trump’s water on Burisma.”

Hot Air went on to suggest that Joe Biden is wrong about what Graham would regret. The senator would regret getting a primary challenge if he did not do full due diligence on the Ukrainian matter.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, former United States Attorney, and currently personal lawyer to the president, minced no words. He tweeted:

“Biden: Lindsey Graham will ‘regret his whole life’! This reminds me of Biden’s decree to the media to silence me on September 29th. Now a threat to a US Senator. This is getting to be more and more like my old mafia cases. They sure do sound like crooks.”

Some respondents to the tweet thought that the comparison of the Bidens to members of the Mafia was just a little too much. Giuliani went on to claim that he had the names of Ukrainian witnesses that could prove useful to any investigation. The New York Post reports that Giuliani compared Joe Biden to Kay Corleone, the wife of Michael Corleone in “The Godfather” films who willfully blinded herself to her husband’s many crimes.

And, as it turns out, Sen Chuck Grassley, the chair of the Senate Finance Committee and Sen Ron Johnson, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, is seeking documents that link Hunter Biden to money laundering concerning Burisma. Even if Hunter Biden is not called as a witness to the Senate trial, for whatever reason, he is likely to be the subject of multiple investigations. Hunter has become a real problem for his father Joe as he seeks the Democratic nomination as president of the United States.