John Kerry…The Worst Climate Czar Ever

The climate czar is one of the savvy little positions that Biden has handed out in his administration. It’s the person who has the authority to make energy and climate policies inside of the executive branch.

Obviously, Biden is committed to saving the planet. Hence, he wanted to appoint someone to this position.

When you talk about someone filling the role as climate czar, you would assume it’s going to go to someone who lives and breathes sustainability. They understand what affects their carbon footprint. They recycle, they compost, they drive electric cars, and they focus on reusing rather than buying new.

John Kerry is none of those things, yet he has managed to snag an impressive title. He’s the climate czar – and he’s making a great salary for it, too.

This is a man who doesn’t really need to work. He’s married to the heiress of the Heinz ketchup fortune. He’s used to a certain lifestyle – and it doesn’t involve recycling or driving an electric car, either.

He took a private jet to receive an environmental award in Iceland. He won the Arctic Circle Prize for his climate change leadership. However, he was quickly questioned about his choice of transportation since it’s hardly a climate-friendly option.

Well, when you’re John Kerry, it’s the “only choice” for someone like him. After all, he has to travel the world to win the battle against climate change.

Does this mean to say that if he took commercial flights and had to wait an extra hour or two to reach his destination, he might actually lose the battle?

He’s trying to be politically correct about the whole thing. What he really wants to say is that he doesn’t want to reduce himself to ride commercial – even if it is in first class. Ewww. The idea of having to go through TSA, wait in a lounge with other people, and sit in rows of other people on a commercial plane? Oh, the horrors.

An Icelandic reporter, however, wasn’t about to let it go. The “czar” actually showed up in a private jet to receive an environmental award. Surely the irony couldn’t be lost. Kerry wasn’t about to give in to the reporter. Instead, he said that he offsets his carbon output in other ways. He also talked about negotiating the Paris Accords, which apparently couldn’t have been done if he had flown commercial.

Kerry talks as though he thinks everyone else is stupid. He comments that he can’t just sail across the ocean and that “I have to fly, meet with people, and get things done.” Again, he fails to explain why he can’t just take a commercial flight.

Kerry owns the private jet through a family company. In the past year, his family’s jet has spent over 20 hours in the air. That has produced over 116 metric tons of carbon emissions. For comparison purposes, a car that drives 11,000 miles a year with a fuel economy of 22 mpg will only emit 4.6 metric tons.

There’s no way that Kerry can justify taking a private jet. If he truly thinks that he’s able to have an impact on his carbon footprint in other ways, he doesn’t get it. He has no idea just how significant his carbon footprint is when he takes his private jet across the globe.

This is the same man who wears $1,000 Southwick suits. He also owns two yachts and six homes. He doesn’t know the first thing about sustainability. He’s lying to everyone. He’s not reducing his carbon footprint. That would require him to know what his actions are doing to the planet – and either he’s stupid, clueless, or straight up doesn’t care.

While he may be a master negotiator, he doesn’t understand how climate change works. Biden’s chosen to make us a laughingstock if Kerry is going to continue to show up in his private jet to negotiate environmental policy for the U.S.