Judge Destroys Biden By Freezing Deportation Ban

The long arm of the law is too much for Joe Biden to dodge any longer. For a week, Biden has had free reign to do whatever he wants with his new executive pen. But now that he is crossing lines of power, he finds out that the laws still stand and there is a limit to what he can do.

Donald Trump saw an opportunity within the court system. He saw that the judges were liberals decided to rebalance the court system. The judges that he put in place will be there for decades to come. And this time around, the courts are favoring the conservative side of America.

Drew Tipton punched Joe Biden in the gut when he killed the 11-day deportation ban. Reports stated that “A federal judge on Tuesday barred the U.S. government from enforcing a 100-day deportation moratorium that is a key immigration priority of President Joe Biden. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued a temporary restraining order sought by Texas, which sued on Friday against a Department of Homeland Security memo that instructed immigration agencies to pause most deportations. Tipton said the Biden administration had failed ‘to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.’”

It is evident to everyone that the executive orders that Biden is writing are purely political. Everything so far has been to reverse the decisions made by a better president. The hatred that Biden has for Trump is unparalleled in American history.

Joe Biden’s immigration reform is not in the best interests of Americans. It is designed to cater to the illegals that are living in the country and desire to circumvent the legal process. The day Biden took office, the caravan of thugs started pressing him to open the border. They know that he is a weak president.

The idea that of legalizing the crimes of illegals is sickening. There is no commonsense reasoning as to why he would even consider such a move. But his liberal move will face a lot of opposition from people who know how to stop a corrupt president in his tracks.

The Biden 100-day challenge to keep illegals safe has proven deadly to his power. Tipton froze Biden’s order for two weeks. Like Barack Obama, Biden is violating the Constitution because he thinks he has all the power in the world.

The state that is challenging the illustrious Joe corrupt Biden is none other than Texas. Once again, the giant state under Attorney General Ken Paxton is challenging Biden’s people stating that the order” violates the U.S. Constitution, federal immigration and administrative law, and a contractual agreement between Texas’ and the Department of Homeland Security.”

In Tipton’s wisdom, he stated, “The issues implicated by that Agreement are of such gravity and constitutional import that they require further development of the record and briefing prior to addressing the merits.”

The judge noted that Biden’s order would cause millions of dollars in destructive damages. Poor communities will have to foot the bill to take care of the illegals because they will not care for themselves. This order violates the right to liberty and happiness for the legal citizen.

Paxton bragged up the state’s move against Biden by stating, “Texas is the FIRST state in the nation to bring a lawsuit against the Biden Admin. AND WE WON. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze.”

This judgment is a significant blow to the Biden administration. They fearfully stated that “We’re confident that as the case proceeds, it will be clear that this measure was wholly appropriate in ordering a temporary pause to allow the agency to carefully review its policies, procedures, and enforcement priorities – while allowing for a greater focus on threats to public safety and national security.”

The insanity of their response is sickening. There is nothing about his order that enhances security and safety for everyone. It opens the door wide for illegals to flood the countryside. Foreign criminals can come into the country and prey on innocent people without fear of deportation.