Keystone Workers Fired as Biden Takes Back Permit

The progressive agenda that Joe old man Biden is pushing is based on a promise that he made to key socialists supporting his cause. He vowed to put America in harm’s way by stifling the energy sector.

His latest destructive action was to kill the Keystone XL pipeline construction efforts. Obama was the first to kill the project, and Biden is the second to halt its construction. President Trump was the only one that has supported it and gave it the approval to keep on moving forward.

Biden seeks to cripple energy production in the United States to the point that the country becomes dependent on foreign nations for oil and gas. His idea gives foreign powers the ability to control what happens within the United States.

If there is one country that does not like what America is doing, all they have to do is withhold oil and gas, and that will bring the country so a crawl. The Keystone XL pipeline will eventually be completed. That will happen when a Republican president will finally sit in the Oval Office again.

Democrats hate America, and they want to see this nation fall. They claim to care about people, but they fail to realize that a strong America makes the world a safer place for all people to live.

His decision to stop the construction puts a lot of people at risk. Thousands of jobs have been lost, and that number will only continue to grow while Biden believes in the fake climate issues.

He believes that workers will be able to get jobs in a new, greener energy future. But the cost and move to set all of that up are greater than he thinks. There is not one green project in existence today that is making any measurable difference.

The energy sector is just a political pawn used by the Democrats to seize more power. They do not care if the temperatures are warming up or getting colder. As long as they can cool their castles and heat them, they will be content to support whatever is popular.

The current belief by liberals is that by killing the pipeline, they are helping the environment. But the truth is that the oil is going to be transported by truck and rail, which both burn gas and put emissions into the air. So, by killing the pipeline, they are promoting the destruction of the cause they are trying to achieve.

The pipeline would be the best way to transport the oil and gas to the refineries without leaving a massive emissions-based footprint. The Democrats do not tell this side of the story because they want to use it as their political pawn.

The action to kill this one pipeline has already led to the expansion of others. The selfish interests of the Democrats are laughable. There is not one truthful study that shows an impartial response to the liberals’ claims. Several studies show just the opposite.

The progressive party is a controlling factor within the Biden camp. He does not have the guts to stand up to their hurtful agenda. He has bowed to their wishes, and the hurt and suffering it is causing already on people are immense. Families are now with an income, and it does not seem to bother him one bit.

The energy policies that Biden is pushing are based on incorrect intel. Biden wants to rebuild alliances with Canada and others, but these leaders are tired of the lies coming from the Democratic Party. The pipeline is something that Canada wants built. They want it, but the liberals do not. So, killing the deal is not the right way of rebuilding an alliance. It is an excellent way to kill one.

At some point, the company backing the pipeline is going to want to move on to other things. They will either wait for another president to come along and push for its completion, or they will pull out and do something different. It is clear that the Democrats just want to play games, and they are going to find out soon that American voters are sick and tired of the games and want real action.