Kim Jong-Un Does not Want Trump Re-elected…Don’t Believe a Word the Little man Breathes…Especially This

As is his perpetual habit, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, has once again done what he is known far and wide for doing. He just undermined all diplomatic relations with not only the U.S. but with the entire world.

President Donald Trump was the first American President to ever attempt ending the longstanding foul relationship between Jon Un and the White House. And while his efforts appeared to be making great progress, being the snake in the grass that he is, the dictator was merely playing the same game he is notorious for doing.

Trump’s endless appeals to Jong Un were simply rolling off the squat little man’s back like water on a duck. This became crystal clear when the nefarious tyrant recently stood and addressed a crowded auditorium, filled to capacity with North Korean veterans who probably didn’t want to be there in the first place.

Check out what he said. “War is an armed clash, which can be unleashed only against a weak one. None can now make little of us. We will not allow others to look down upon us, and, if they do so, make them pay dearly. Thanks to our reliable and effective self-defense nuclear deterrence, the word ‘war’ would no longer exist on this land, and the security and future of our state will be guaranteed forever.”

In other words, if any outside force feels ‘froggy’, go ahead and jump. We’ll blow them to Kingdom Come. And of course, almost as if on cue, the auditorium erupted with thunderous applause.

Whether North Korea has been secretly escalating their nuclear arsenal remains in question. There could very well be ulterior motives for the claim, meaning the claim could be absolutely false. The entire scenario may have been staged.

Because tensions between Bejing and the U.S. have been rapidly escalating, Jong-Un quite possibly may be using the situation to his advantage. He might be dabbling in election interference.

The very last thing Jon-Un wants is to see Donald Trump get re-elected for a second term. He would much prefer to see an old man with a cognitive disability take over America’s helm, and Joe Biden would be a perfect choice.

He figures if he were to totally destroy any progress made between him and Trump, it would discredit everything the President has said about the two nations trying to get along. This, on top of the Bejing situation, would give the appearance of how Trump has been lying about everything.

It could also be that China’s Xi Jinping, who would also benefit greatly from a Biden win, is backing North Korea’s claim. With Trump out of the way, life would become easier for both countries. They would much rather the U.S. had a complacent do-nothing president than one who doesn’t mind hammering them hard.

President Trump is hard on both countries in terms of trade, weaponry, human rights violations and etc., and his tough-guy approach is something they are not adept at experiencing, and they don’t like it.

We all doubts about Jong-Un’s promise of reducing North Korea’s nuclear program, but even if Rocket Man has proceeded full speed ahead in his quest at producing the most powerful nuclear weapons arsenal on earth, they were so far behind the eightball that it’s difficult to impossible to fathom how they could even possibly be as far along as they are claiming.

At this point, according to all calculations, North Korea has yet to create a missal that could even reach the U.S. let alone protect them “forever” against countries that are within any distance except short-range.

Knowing what prompted Jung-Un to spread probable misinformation, as a nation, we should rebuke his fabricated statement.

Once a lying dog, always a lying dog.