Kim Jong-un Is Jealous of Putin So He’s Going Nuclear…Again…but He Really Means It This Time

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Children who don’t receive enough attention will act up to get noticed. In a more narcissistic way, so will world leaders. The rulers of this planet compete for recognition as powerful entities capable of crushing any and all opposition that defies their leadership or underestimates their abilities. Or worse, ignores them altogether. North Korea’s infamous Kim Jong-un is one such spoiled tyrant. 

Kim Jong-un is jealous of Vladimir Putin for stealing all of the attention but he’s also smart enough to not launch an attack on South Korea and get too much of it. Outside of his treasured rocket collection, he has little to fight with. He can force males to serve in his army but he can’t motivate them to fight for the freedoms they don’t have anyway. The majority would lay down their weapons and defect at the first chance.

Kim tried to flex his cellulite by shooting some of his deadly toys into the ocean for all to see, but after firing a few of them, the world lost interest. People are still dying in Ukraine while he’s consumed with blowing up fish. Dejected and humiliated by the shunning, Kim’s gonna step up his game. He’s going full nuc to get the attention he believes rightfully belongs to him.

From all obvious appearances, Kim has made no secret of cleaning his oversized binoculars to watch the launch of his first nuclear rocket in over four years. The chance of further sanctions from the U.N. is unlikely considering how they’re kind of busy at the moment with Russia and China. 

Of course, this might just serve to make the ignored child act up even more. Lunatics act in mysterious ways. 

Satellite images have captured workers repairing a tunnel that leads to Punggye-ri, where all six of Noth Korea’s previous nuclear missiles were launched from. The activity has also been reported by DongA Ilbo, South Korea’s leading media source.

It’s anticipated that the launch will take place next month to mark the 110th birthday of North Korea’s state founder, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong-un’s paternal grandpappy. Proper timing would give Kim the most nuclear bang for his buck and this is all this is about anyway.

Via the Korean Central News Agency, Kim barked out a warning to the U.S. that he’s developing “powerful striking capabilities.” How many times have we heard this? 

Kim said his growing arsenal would make his wasteland of a country more secure and able to “control all threats and blackmail by the imperialists,” aka, Yankee dogs. 

Ever since Biden moved into the White House, the chubby dictator’s been threatening to up his game, so what better time than the present? Here’s the catch the little man isn’t aware of. The U.N. Security Council is powerless to punish North Korea without Russia and China agreeing to it, and once again, they’re both kinda busy. 

What’s wrong with this picture is that neither of these two oppressive nations should have any say in world affairs, but they do – because it all comes down to world economics. Money. The stuff world leaders are made of.

At any rate, all Kim Jong-un’s rocket launch will be doing is making waves. Nuclear waves, but a wave by any other name is still just a wave, and a Kim Jong-un by any other name is still a short pudgy blowhard of no value.