LA Takes COVID Mandates to the Extreme

By Chones

How do you say that you are requiring vaccine passports without actually saying that you’re requiring passports? Well, just ask Los Angeles. They have issued some of the strictest mandates in the nation, and they don’t see anything wrong with it.

The Los Angeles City Council has decided to throw science out the window with the new ordinance that they have just passed. 

Proof of vaccination must be shown to enter any indoor establishment throughout the city that serves food or beverages — coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, food courts, and the list goes on and on. 

It doesn’t stop there. The new policy also covers gyms and fitness venues, entertainment venues, recreation venues, and personal care establishments. Basically, if you go anywhere in LA, you have to wear a mask…or do you?

Retail establishments, including grocery stores and pharmacies, are excluded from the ordinance. So, in the city council’s way of thinking, you’re safe from COVID if you’re going grocery shopping but not if you are going to sip a latte or get your hair cut. It makes no sense, but that’s California for you.

There are only a few asterisks to this new policy, which will be in full effect by November 6. If you have a proven health or religious excuse, you can show a negative COVID test that was obtained within the past 72 hours.

What does LA think that this is going to do? We’ve already seen how lockdown has done nothing to improve cases. We’ve also seen how mask mandates don’t actually result in lower cases. 

Texas and Florida are actually lower in many instances than California and New York. Hmmm, well, the red states don’t have mask mandates. If masks are supposed to be this amazing way to prevent the spread of COVID, why is it that they don’t have as many cases? Oh, right…this whole thing is BS.

The scary part about the whole thing is that the LA city council members have been brainwashed into believing that they can control everyone. The vote passed the ordinance on a margin of 11-2. This means that only two people bothered to consider that this might be too severe of a measure.

It’s only a matter of time before we hear about several things in LA. Riots from those who don’t want to wear a mask. An increase in COVID cases because that’s what always happens. And, businesses closing because they’re losing too much business over the draconian-level mandates.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part about this new ordinance is how it’s going to be carried out.

The city will expect every establishment to check for proof of vaccination. How many will really be willing to do that? It’s going to require extra staff to conduct this check — staff that no business can afford to obtain at the moment. Oh, and there’s also that silly little thing about fake vaccine passports. If they haven’t thought about that, they’re more delusional than we originally thought.

There will be those who comply. Then, there will be those who will buy vaccine cards and passports off the black market.

But, let’s face it. These mandates are absolutely ridiculous. If they think their COVID numbers are going to magically decline, they will be in for a rude awakening. After all, when people will be forced to wear masks to eat out, they’ll just have house parties. Those aren’t banned…yet.

Tell us again how mandates work? The states with some of the lowest COVID cases don’t even require mandates…*cough* Texas *cough* Oh, but we’re not supposed to be asking questions, right?