LA’s Adding New Mask Mandates but Sheriff Won’t Comply

Los Angeles is back to being mad. The COVID numbers are on the rise again because of the delta variant. Rather than pushing for the vaccine and allowing everyone to continue on, they’ve decided to push new mask mandates.

People aren’t having it, though – and that includes the sheriff.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has been vocal about how he’s not going to enforce the new mask mandate. Why? He has limited resources. Oh, and the county’s mandate isn’t backed by science, so he’s not giving into it all.

The new mandates by the County are trying to force people to wear a mask indoors, whether people are vaccinated or not. This is nuts – and it’s most certainly not backed by science. It’s fear-mongering, which means that they must have decided that they were going to listen to Dr. Fauci.

Villanueva points out that the mandates contradict the federal guidelines. It’s hard to enforce something when you know that the CDC guidelines are completely different.

Exactly what has caused LA’s Department of Publish Health to release such mandates? Well, they’re not listening to the CDC. They don’t have any kind of science to support why these mandates are beneficial.

According to the LA County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis, the county is establishing the order because of a rise in the COVID cases throughout the county. Davis is letting fear make the decision by saying “We’re not where we need to be for the millions at risk of infection here.” Rather than waiting to see if it gets better, they’re issuing the order now.

But why? People who have already had COVID and who are vaccinated are safe. Mask mandates should only be for the vulnerable.

Unfortunately, Villanueva has said that the Department of Public Health does have the authority to enforce the mask mandate. However, since the sheriff’s department has been “defunded” and “underfunded,” he’s not going to waste his resources on such a thing. Instead, he’s encouraged the DPH to collaborate with the Board of Supervisors and law enforcement to create mandates that are not only achievable but also backed by science.

There’s one thing to be concerned about seeing a rise in the number of cases. There’s another thing entirely to act without using science as a basis.

This would be a great time to encourage vaccines. It could be used as a tool to show that those who have been vaccinated are not getting COVID. Instead, even the vaccinated are being punished. If LA County was trying to give people a reason to get vaccinated, it’s been lost. After all, where is the incentive if everyone is being told to mask up?

Kathryn Barger, the LA County Supervisor has said that she is “concerned” about the number of cases. However, she also believes that the county should remain aligned with the state. Further, she doesn’t believe that the mandate helps to stress vaccine efficacy.

Ahh, finally some common sense.

Only, the Department of Public Health isn’t listening to Barger or anyone else. They’re letting their fears get the best of them – and it’s only creating confusion. Who knows better – LA or California?

Mandatory mask mandates are a bad idea. Even though the County has seen an 83 percent increase in cases over the last week, people need to have choices. Otherwise, California is only going to struggle with reopening once again – and with the size of their economy, they need to be helping the rest of the country, not bringing us down.