Laugh Fest: CA Dems Voting Laws Set to Repeat IA Circus

The Democrats know how to mess things up. When the voting started the proud Democrats were hyped up on their counting system that was going to pave the way for future elections.

But that came to a halt as their new methods quickly became the laughingstock of the country. Weeks later they still have not fixed the problem. And now the circus clowns in the Democratic Party of California are changing the rules so much that they are expected to fail because of the ridiculous changes they are making.

Neal Kelly is the man that is losing sleep because of the pending circus. He is in charge of the elections and to see that everything runs smoothly. The state of California is eliminating thousands of polling places and making people vote by mail. They hope that many will also just come in and vote in person. The Democrats are assuming people will vote early, which will be their downfall.

There are 415 delegates up for the taking. The greedy Democrats that wins the nomination will have to secure 1,991 of them to the Democratic loser of the presidential election. The issue will be if they have allowed enough time and places for the people living in the state to go and vote. The rest of the country would love to see the state screw up the count because it would show the incompetence of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Every state they control has been having issues with simple things like counting and figuring out where to vote. Kelly stated that “I’m not going to sit here and say nothing can go wrong. It’s a transition to a whole new system of voting. I am getting very little sleep.” His name is on the line. He knows that he will be the person to blame if everything goes wrong.

What makes things worse is that counties in the state are developing their voting methods as opposed to a proven set standard. The new machines that are being implemented are already drawing attention to their problems. The biggest issue is that the Democrats are stupid enough to believe that their plans will never have any issues, so they never test them before the voting starts.

In one county a lawsuit has been filed to eliminate or change the voting screen that only shows four candidates at a time. If the person does not flip to the net screen, they will never see the other names up for a vote.

Not to mention that some lists still have original 20 names on the ballot when there are only eight left that people can vote for. The Democrats in California just have not paid enough attention to their constituents enough to know who is left.

In two counties the machines do not count the ballots but rather they print out paper ones that would show the voters choice. The voter then takes that paper ballot to another box and places it there to be counted.

This means that there are too many steps for people to vote. Another set of hands then takes the ballots to another location and then counted. They are opening themselves up for more issues because of the number of steps they have to take.

The next big is issue is that the Democrats have reduced the number of voting places from 4,500 down to just 970 places. This is going to hurt them in the end as most people just will not vote because they have to go out of their way to do it.

The naive Democrats believe people will just vote early or mail it in. But truth be told the Democrat voters are lazy and will not want to pay the price of a stamp to vote.

Marilu Guevara, who is the head of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles has stated that “My concern is we have such a large number of voters and election day will come and they will show up at their old polling places or will be unaware of the new voting system. A lot of voters have still not heard about the changes. I know that. I’m talking to people.”

The Democrats are terrible about communicating things to people so there is bound to be mass confusion. Either way, the country is ready for another laughing fest over the Democratic Party.