Laughable Liberals are Praying for Higher Virus Numbers

The Democrats have been looking and drooling over any reports of a spike in the COVID-19 cases. And now it seems that they finally have their numbers. For months now, they have resisted the plan to reopen the country.

They would have rather kept everyone locked down until people started to go crazy. The states in question are Florida and South Carolina. Both states have been active in reopening for several weeks and have plans on being back to normal in the weeks to come.

In one report the Department of Health in Florida found “1,698 additional cases of COVID-19 within the preceding 24 hours, nearly a 20 percent increase from the state’s previous high of 1,419 reported last Thursday.”

They also stated that Florida has “at least 966 new positive cases every day since June 3, which comes after the state began its reopening process last month. Florida has more than 67,456 total coronavirus cases and at least 2,848 deaths.” This is not proof of a second wave or another version of global pandemic chaos.

The Democrats are looking for these kinds of figures so they can bash President Trump with them. South Carolina has only a record total of 687 new cases. This may seem like a lot of people, but compared to the millions that live in the state, it is an extremely small percentage.

And yet, the Democrats are blowing this number up so bad that they are presenting it like the entire state is still sick with COVID-19. The fact remains that the liberals are pushing issues that are dead or deflating faster than they can beat the president up with them.

COVID-19 is just another version of a sickness that will hit year after year. For the Democrats to keep pushing testing and numbers on the public hoping to create a panic is sinful. People are going to get back to living.

One report shows that 61 percent of the people are already back to normal. The Democrats have never pushed for a testing total of flu victims because no one cares anymore. It is a part of life. And now that the new strain of the coronavirus is here, it too will be a part of life going forward. But it does not mean that people need to be forced to hide indoors because of it like the Democrats want to see happen.

Jeffrey Shaman noted this as he is part of the Columbia University School of Public Health. He stated that “It seems that we, the U.S., have given up and accepted this disease as a facet of life. It didn’t have to be this way, and it still doesn’t going forward.”

But he has bought into the Democratic lies from the liberals. They want to keep it fresh and new in the minds of people. But facts show that it is going to be a regular part of life. The vast majority of people that had it got better in a week.

The nasty liberals are finding people to testify on their media platforms telling people the worst is ahead. But their lies are falling on deaf ears as the public knows the worst is already past.

The only reason for a spike is because testing is so common that it is revealing that more people have it. It also shows that there are people that have but are not getting tested because they are tired of being told to quarantine. They treat it like a cold and live their lives.

The Health Department makes a big fuss over the virus and making people wear masks, but fail to condemn the protests and them not wearing masks. They have been praising them for getting together in large crowds. This is going to be another catalyst for increased numbers, but the liberal media will not even report on it because they love the riots as well.

It is the same song and dance with the Democrats. They push one bad thing after another as if they all are the fault of the president. But President Trump is shining through these events because of the way he has handled each one. President Trump has made America great and the country will recover in a great way.