Liberal Morons Kept Stealing Trump Signs From Man’s Yard…Until…

These are politically treacherous times. While the liberal left is busy destroying cities, the conservative right wishes they could destroy the liberal left. Friends against friends. Family against family. All of them standing upright for their respective causes, and there is absolutely no wavering allowed.

As serious as these times are, they can also be petty, or childlike, if you prefer. A Trump supporter in New Bedford, Massachusetts, John Oliveira, had enough of the games people play when his Trump 2020 signs kept disappearing from his front yard.

After the first two were stolen, Oliveira, a member of the New Bedford School Committee, went and grabbed two more signs for the next bean-headed Biden supporter to abscond with, only this time he also attached a friendly note to it. “Do not step on my right to free speech. Because the consequences could be shocking.”

This disappearing sign act has been going on since July when Oliveira put two of them in the ground by his front walkway. They lasted almost two weeks. “So I’m saying, ‘Alright, some freakin’ moron stole the signs,’ ” he said about it the first time. “No big deal. [Expletive] happens.”

Oliveira, who carries a reputation as being somewhat controversial by the town committee, though annoyed, forked out $40 for two more signs. They didn’t last long either. Neither did the third pair.

“This is more than just somebody being a jackass,” he infuriatingly said. “People are messing with my personal property, and it’s costing me money. And it’s my right to free speech, especially on my own property.”

Being a proud Navy veteran, he did the right thing by filing police reports. Twice he filed with no results. He thought about installing a camera to identify the thief but then thought better of it. What was he going to do once he knew? Beat the heck out of someone and get himself locked up? Not a good option.

So Oliveira did what any good patriot would do under the circumstances. He jumped up in his truck, headed to the farmer’s supply store, and did some shopping. He then went home and installed a brand spanking new electric fence. He was done playing.

“It’s a little yellow-black wire fence; you usually see them around horse pastures, that kind of thing. It will give you a shock,” he proudly said of his work.

The fence is roughly three feet high and completely surrounds a single red-white-and-blue yard sign bearing the words, Trump 2020, along with his warning note.

When asked if he had tried the fence out to make sure it works, Oliveira said he’s been shocked thousands of times while working on a farm, “so I didn’t need to test it out.”

This is what the political scene has become. This is what the liberal left has reduced us to. When they aren’t busy hurling rocks, breaking windows, torching buildings, tearing down statues, and shouting obscenities at police officers, they’re doing little annoying things to remind us they’re out there.

Never has there been a time when showing full support for a presidential candidate has been so divisive, or in some cases, even dangerous. This is why there are boat and truck parades in favor of President Trump. Just like the left does with their protesting, the right has had to learn the hard lesson of there being safety in numbers.

The difference is, these shows of support by the boaters and truckers are not destructive in the least, nor would this ever be their intent. They aren’t hellbent on a reign of terror. They’re wise enough to know how this accomplishes nothing.

Stealing a sign from someone’s yard may seem like a small and petty thing to do, and for the most part, it is. But this doesn’t make it right. We are all within our rights to openly express our political views without fear of retribution. Of any type.

So while the libs continue playing their annoying little tricks, just know this. When a record number of Republican voters pour into the polls to pull the red lever on November 3, the last laugh will be all of the Karma we need.

Trump 2020.