Liberal Organization Views Handicapped Children as a Plague to Society

Eleonora_os /

The World Health Organization has proven itself over the past several years to be an unreliable source of information related to healthcare matters. They stood behind the Chinese when the COVID-19 virus was released. And tried to make it seem that the communist nation was not responsible for the horrors of watching millions die around the world. And now they are jumping in bed with the liberals that support the murder of disabled children simply because they have a physical issue.

The liberal-run organization has released a statement calling people with Down syndrome  a “severe birth defect.” Liberals have, at their heart, the belief that any one person that is a burden to another should be murdered, so the quality of life for the fittest is not disrupted. The entire concept of abortion and euthanasia is built upon that belief system.

The disturbing organization tried to explain that people with congenital disabilities will have “a significant toll on individuals, families, health care systems and societies.” These people are seen as a drain on resources and should not be allowed to live because they are different.

The sad part is that WHO tried to pair those with Down syndrome as nothing better than congenital heart problems and blood disorders. They see those affected as having a disease that needs to be eradicated.

The nasty killers say that they support aborting those with the condition. They tried to simplify the matter by stating that an “ultrasound can be used to screen for Down syndrome and major structural abnormalities during the first trimester, and for severe fetal anomalies during the second trimester.” And the point they wanted to make was that there are options to rid oneself of pregnancy should Down syndrome be detected.

It should not surprise anyone that parents would step up to defend the bullied. Both Joe Biden and his liberal friends would like everyone to believe that special needs kids are not a drain on society. They grow up to become productive members of society who have a lot to contribute once given a chance—the WHO has turned from an organization that supports life to a place that wants to exterminate life.

The Daily Wire found that numerous parents were enraged by what the WHO said about Down syndrome. They reported that one parent stated, “Please could you explain how #DownSyndrome is a birth defect in the context of the determining criteria you are using,” one mother asked. “Surely you mean #GeneticCondition? The presence of an extra chromosome does not make my son defective and I do not see any defect in this image!”

The organization believes that any person with Down syndrome should not be given a chance to live. They would rather see the baby aborted and left to rot in a dumpster than for the child to grow up and take their place in the human race.

The Democratic Party is the entity that controls the WHO. The liberals have restored the funding that Donald Trump stripped away after COVID-19 was released. And now, the WHO is back, making murderous statements about which people get to live and which ones should be put to death.

There is no teaching more dangerous to the human race than evolution. The very concept of life evolving from a lower form of life had given way to the idea of the survival of the fittest. And when that concept is brought over into the world of birth, it is easy to see how a liberal murderer could take such a cold view on life. They do not see a precious little soul fighting for life. But they instead see an inconvenience that needs to be extinguished.

The liberals behind the WHO and the entire Democratic Party do not value life. They want only to allow people born “normal” to be able to live. The entire belief system was the same as that of Adolf Hitler when he wanted to purge the world of people that did not fit a specific model of what humanity should look like.