Liberals Are Perplexed Over Why Crime Has Risen Since They Took Power

Crime is at an all-time high in the United States because the liberals feel that the cops are the reason why crime is out of control. They somehow see criminals as the victims of police brutality and that the murderers can do nothing wrong. In all of the areas where crime is on the rise, the liberals are the ones calling the shots. Everywhere a Republican is in power, the people are living peacefully.

The Democrats have given the impression that crime pays. And that impression gives the killers and thieves an incentive to commit more crimes, all in the name of liberalism.

Dan Bongino is a commentator that has made some comments on why the liberals will never understand the concept of crime and law enforcement. He stated, “When you incentivize criminals to commit more crime because you engage in things like bail reform where you let them out, the average criminal says to himself, ‘Well, if I can make a couple thousand dollars a day slinging drugs on the corner and I’m only going to have to spend 15 minutes in jail before I get out no one’s ever going to come get me on the warrant anyway.’ They say to themselves it’s pretty profitable to do criminal activity.”

The Democrats have made it a point to let the criminals think that they can earn more money by taking it from others and selling drugs. And they would be correct because the liberals have taken away the fear of engaging in illegal behavior by attacking the police.

Bongino went on to point out that “When you disincentivize cops to stop criminals, and you tell them, ‘You’re public enemy number one – the cops, and by the way, if you ever lay a hand in a use of force situation, justified or not, you’re going to become infamous on social media and liberals are going to pile on’ – here’s a shocker – when you disincentivize enforcement of the law you get less enforcement of the law. Again, this is only hard for the stupid people. Sane people get this.”

The liberals want to create an environment that is favorable to people that live for the crime. That kind of environment gives the Democrats a platform to invent stories of racism and unfair practices. They play on the feelings of their ignorant part of the wacky liberal party. It is these people that take to the streets and riot for things that they know nothing about.

In a twisted way, the liberals are making the police out to be the wrong people. They want people to think that the criminal is just a victim of dire circumstances. They want people to think that they were forced to commit illegal actions. But they never tell how that the person made those choices themselves.

2020 saw a massive decrease in police engagement and a sharp increase in crime. It was the highest single rise in one year since 1960. And the liberals sit back and scratch their balding heads and wonder why the significant increase.

The Democrats took the teeth out of the law and expected the police to continue to do their job. And when the criminal cries foul, the liberals freak out and blame the police for being too rough.

Many liberal cities such as Denver have seen a 50 percent murder rate alone. One report noted that “They now steal right smack in front of us. They look us in the eye, pick up the item and walk out of the store. The situations are so frequent now that we know these perpetrators by name, and they’re becoming increasingly violent.”

The nasty liberals have promoted criminal behavior as some lifestyle that is to be glamorized. But the truth of the matter is that it is not something to be praised. It is the first step to changing a country into a socialist nightmare.

Donald Trump is the law-and-order force of nature. Every liberal police association teamed up behind him because they saw the danger of the liberal party. The Democrats hate honest and hardworking people, so they are content on unleashing their horrors on the American people.