Liberals on Full Attack Alert As Christmas Draws Near

AlessandroBiascioli /
AlessandroBiascioli /

November and December are traditionally the heart of the holidays in America, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two major events that all Americans look forward to every year. But some love to take advantage of the time to try and make a political statement as to why those two holidays should not be observed.

The Black Lives Matter terrorist group came out in full swing, making accusations that people were “eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land.” And yet they, too, live in America. So according to their logic, they are guilty of it since it was not their land, to begin with. But that is something they will never admit to since they believe they were here first.

The sad reality that they wanted to push was that Thanksgiving Day is nothing more than promoting “white-supremacist-capitalism.” They cry about how the white man has used his money to rob people of their land, which has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. The holiday is a call to remember the bond made during that first year when two different cultures came together to help each other survive a horrible winter.

The Black Lives Matter thugs have nothing to be thankful for because their lives are full of bitterness implanted there by the poison of the Democratic Party. The BLM people call themselves a “collective of liberators.” They also cry out that “Colonization never ended, it just became normalized.” In their minds, it means a foreign army invaded the land. But if that is their cry, they should be making that claim about every nation that exists today because invasions set borders.

Their insidious and pointless attacks on the holidays are just one of many ways they want to destroy America. They went on to post on their social media site that “This #Thanksgiving we send our deepest love to families whose loved ones were stolen by state-sanctioned violence and white supremacy. May we offer a special prayer for those who will forever have an #EmptySeatAtTheTable.”

If they want to put an empty seat at the table, that is their right. But they do not have to keep attacking the spirit of thankfulness that is so prominent in America. Overall, people are thankful and want to remember the sacrifice people made when they first settled with the native people. It was a time of peace, and BLM wants to turn it into a time of war.

The BLM people are so bored with themselves that they claim it took them over seven years to put their beliefs together about what they see as the history of America. In reality, it took seven years for the poison to destroy their minds and all that was once good in their sadistic heads.

The insanity of what they are trying to claim was summed up in a piece written by Dr. Melina Abdullah. She is a teacher at California State University in Los Angeles. She wrote in the piece, as reported by the Daily Wire, that “Now is when we must renew our commitment to struggle — not simply against white-supremacist-capitalism, but towards imagining and building new visions for the world and for Black people.”

Abdullah maliciously portrays all white people as the enemy of the world. She sees them as a plague on humanity who need to be dealt with.

This leads to the BLM nonsense that they believe Thanksgiving represents a time of murder by the white people as they came and settled the land. The part that makes zero sense is that they believe that they have the rights to the land. Except they don’t, they are not the original people to live here before the colonists started to show up.

The liberal media is jumping all over the lies and attacks. USA Today posted a piece that stated, “For many, rather than a celebration of peace and shared prosperity between Native Americans and Pilgrims, Thanksgiving represents the dark shadow of genocide and the resilience of Native people.” The truth is that there are not “many” people who feel the way a small handful of people do. They are an extreme minority that the media makes out to be a majority, and they are just a bunch of unthankful toddlers trying to prove something that does not exist.