Liberals Try and Pin COVID-19 Cases to Trump in Minnesota

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Many Democrats continue to try and place the blame for the COVID-19 virus on President Trump. They act like he created the virus and then unleashed in on the world for political reasons.

Whenever there is an outbreak somewhere in the country, they try to link it back to the president. This time around, the slick Democrats could find sixteen people in Minnesota that came down with the virus. And they claim that they were infected when they attended an outdoor event.

The push is to blame the president for holding rallies during an old pandemic. They claim that the president was infected, so he somehow passed the virus onto the people.

These people were nowhere close to the president. So, there is no way humanly possible for them to contract the virus.

Contact tracing is skewed to the point that it is proving to be unreliable. These people could have very quickly shown up at the event with the virus already inside of them.

Not everyone shows the symptoms the minute they breathe in the virus. It takes days or weeks for any signs to show up.

The liberal based media just cannot let the virus go. They act like one case of COVID-19 is a second wave. Everyone knew that there were going to spike as the nation opened up.

It should not surprise anyone. But fearful liberals have to keep on pushing fear and lockdowns ahead of the November election.

Democrats are quick to point out that these cases of infections all had various starting points. But any logical thinking conservative or person will recognize the inherent danger of trying to place a small number of infections at large crowd gatherings.

They are not reporting that of the thousands of people in attendance, there were no further infections.

Democrats and their media brothers only focus on made-up facts on data that support their cause. And they never point out the obvious truth of the data.

The COVID-19 virus is no longer the aggressive monster; everyone thought it would turn out to be. It is just not that contagious to warrant massive evacuations from life, such as the liberal’s demand.

The infections report also pointed out that Biden had a few at a rally he was having. Except he denies ever having the rally in the first place. So, either he is lying, or the contact tracing is bogus and cannot be trusted for its reliability.

The liberal state of Minnesota had asked that both campaigns honor the state’s guidelines for gatherings. Which people can point out that President Trump did observe the guidelines. But since Biden denies ever having a Minnesota campaign, it can be concluded that he did not obey the guidelines.

The Democrats in Minnesota are all claiming that President Trump was infected with the virus. This is their way of saying that he started it all. There is no way that they can prove that he was infected.

There were no signs that he had it or was ever infected. They are speculating and cannot prove anything. And even if he was infected, he social distanced, which should have been enough to keep everyone safe.

Politics is driving the fear pushed by the Democrats. They are using the virus to create fear and hatred towards people who do not wear masks. They are purposely dividing a nation, hoping somehow to drum up new voters for their socialist cause.

President Trump has been fair and honest with the American people. He quickly isolated himself once it was found he had it. He was honest about his treatment of how successful it was. He then wanted to push that treatment out to the American people because it works.

But the Democrats want to crucify him for being sick. They all would say that it is his fault forever catching the virus in the first place. And he should have known from day one that he had it.

One cannot be held accountable for what they do not know about their health. Once it was discovered he was sick, he did not wait to isolate himself. He took the right action for the right amount of time to protect himself and others around him.