Chuck Grassley Exposes The Deep State Agenda With This Scathing Statement

(Liberty Bell) – In series of scorching tweets on Monday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) detailed just how deep the “Deep State” goes. So deep, he declared, that those who are a part of it can “get away with political crimes.” But you knew that already, didn’t you? In the tweetstorm, Grassley referenced recent comments from […]

Rush Limbaugh Blows The Lid Off What COVID-19 Numbers Really Tell Us

(Liberty Bell) – While the mainstream media is stoking the fires of coronavirus hysteria as cases continue to rise in the United States, many are sounding the alarm that the numbers are not what they appear. As iconic conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed on Monday, the left-wing narrative has things backwards. As the total […]

Grandfather Of 11-Year-Old Shooting Victim Explains Exactly Why We Can’t Just “Defund The Police”

(Liberty Bell) – Just as soon as Americans picked their jaws up off the floor after hearing that the left’s latest earnest policy push was to defund the police, the entire narrative collapsed in bloodshed as reduced police presence across the nation began to contribute to the death not only of Americans but children. Over […]

Yet Again, Leftists Targeting Trump New Hampshire Rally With This Dirty Trick

(Liberty Bell) – That awkward moment when your guy is so unpopular, you have to try to rig the other guy’s rallies just to cover for the fact that his base is stronger than ever. Oh, poor Biden supporters. All those polls that Democrats look toward to try to claim that their presumptive nominee, former […]

Shock Poll: How America’s View Of Socialism Has Shifted

(Liberty Bell) – What has our nation come to? When today’s millennials were babies and small children, the USSR finally fell. Americans had lived for decades with the knowledge that Marxism was dangerous and deadly. However, as one of the biggest modern examples of just how dangerous the Communist state can be fell, the kids […]

What Exactly Did Biden Mean When He Said He’d “Transform” The Country?

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday night, Democratic Party presumed presidential nomineem, Joe Biden, tweeted a vow to “transform” the nation should he be elected. This is raising some very serious concerns considering the far-left anti-American rhetoric that has been deafeningly blasing from the broader Democrat tent right now. “We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And […]

Angry Baltimore Mob Marked 4th Of July By Tearing Down More American History

(Liberty Bell) – As patriots all across America set off fireworks and celebrated the independence of this great country, domestic terrorists did what domestic terrorists do. In Baltimore, a riotous mob gathered and tore down a Christopher Columbus statue near the city’s Little Italy neighborhood, dragged it to the edge of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and […]

Here We Go: You Won’t Believe Which Production Cancel Culture Has Targeted Now

(Liberty Bell) – It wasn’t long ago that the left was flocking to see and fawn over Hamilton, the modern Broadway take on the life of one of our founding fathers with production numbers heavily influenced by hip hop. In what seemed like perfect timing, a movie of the production was made available on Disney […]

Epstein Victims’ Lawyer Warns Ghislaine Maxwell Will Likely Meet This Inevitable Fate In Jail

(Liberty Bell) – As we all know, it’s very, very dubious that notorious financier Jeffery Epstein likely didn’t kill himself. Now that authorities have arrested former Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, an American lawyer representing the victims is expressing concern for her safety in prison since, after all, she “knows too much” and the Clintons are […]

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: “We’re Making Progress” After Wildly Violent Holiday Weekend Rocked City

(Liberty Bell) – Mass shootings only make headlines when the circumstances fit the leftist agenda aimed at demonizing certain demographics. In Chicago, they happen routinely and nobody bats an eye. The national news outlets don’t even so much as glance in the way of Chicago and activist groups that claim to care about “black lives” […]

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