Mic Drop: Trump Has One Clear Message For Fake News Media As Nation Battles Coronavirus

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday, President Donald Trump absolutely stuck it to the mainstream media propagandists who, in the midst of a global crisis, have done nothing but undermine their own credibility as they rabidly report any angle they possibly can that slanders our commander-in-chief. This is wartime. There’s no reason these people can’t set […]

Research Reveals Shocking Treatment That Kills Coronavirus In Under 48 Hours

(Liberty Bell) – It’s as simple as this. Researchers in Australia are reporting that Ivermectin, and FDA-approved drug most commonly used to treat parasites, has the potential to kill COVID-19. This widely-available drug can be “repurposed,” doctors say, to treat the novel coronavirus. Antiviral Research, a ScienceDirect journal, has published an article by a group […]

Predictable: The Turncoat RINO Who’s Sided With The Dems On Coronavirus “Oversight”

(Liberty Bell) – Well, some things never change. As the Democrats try to leverage the coronavirus crisis into yet another attempt to try to “get Trump,” they’re being joined by a predictable member of Congress who seems to have dedicated his entire tenure in Washington DC to turning against Trump. You guessed it–Utah Senator and […]

Flashback: Dr. Fauci Sang Very Different Tune About Hydroxychloroquine Two Weeks Ago!

(Liberty Bell) – This man is starting to behave very suspiciously. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been one of the foremost members of the White House coronavirus task force. But he has been flip-flopping and undermining the president so much, it’s hard to tell where his loyalties lie. He can’t seem to make up his mind […]

Trump Campaign Pitches In For Coronavirus Relief Effort In EPIC Way

(Liberty Bell) – Although campaigning has largely been put on hold by the Trump 2020 campaign, they’ve shifted their attention to serving those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. This is awesome. The campaign has been donating meals to hospitals across the nation to feed doctors, nurses, first responders, and other health care […]

Number Of ICU Beds Used In New York Prove Bill Gates-Funded IHME Models Wrong…Again

(Liberty Bell) – White House coronavirus task force members Drs. Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci have relied heavily on the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), disregarding other, potentially more accurate models. And yet again, the IHME model, which is funded by globalist depopulation fanatic, Bill Gates, has been proven wrong. The Gateway Pundit […]

You Won’t Believe What Vermont Just Banned Stores From Selling

(Liberty Bell) – The state of Vermont has issued regulations which ban big-box retailers from selling “non-essential” items in person as part of their clearly strict measures to prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. The list includes clothing, books, movies, music, and seeds and plants for gardens. So during a time when millions of […]

As People Die From Deadly Coronavirus, Nevada Gov. Sisolak Was Doing This With Life-Saving Treatment

(Liberty Bell) – Liberal Democrats do a lot of despicable, horrible things on a daily basis. Just think about how many lives these folks have ended due to their support and propagation of the murder of the unborn. It’s utterly disgusting to see the lives that have been thrown away for political purposes. Well, liberals […]

Dems Have Insane Agenda For Illegal Aliens During COVID-19 Outbreak

(Liberty Bell) – You can’t go a single day without hearing the haughty voices of liberals — both in the real world and in the digital one — bragging constantly about how “tolerant” they are and how they are just so full of compassion and blah, blah, blah. However, it seems the vast majority of […]

“I’ve Never Trusted A Communist” Martha McSally Exposes WHO’s Role In Covering For China’s Role In Spreading Coronavirus

(Liberty Bell) – Sen. Martha McSally is calling the World Health Organization out for “covering up” China’s deplorable behavior in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding that the director of the globalist organization should step down. Hear, hear! During an appearance with Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” on Thursday, the Arizona Republican called […]

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