You Won’t Believe What Trump’s Chances Of Re-Election Are Based On The Model That Predicted His 2016 Win

(Liberty Bell) – An election model with a proven track record of accuracy is predicting stunning odds for a Trump re-election in November, according to Stony Brook University Professor Helmut Norpoth. So, what’s “stunning”? 91% chance of re-election. But you knew that already, didn’t you? “The Primary Model gives Trump a 91 percent chance of […]

Insane: What This University Did To Incoming Student For Pro-Trump TikTok Video Will Infuriate You

(Liberty Bell) – What kind of country are we living in where an incoming college freshman’s admission to a college is threatened because she vocally supports a sitting President of the United States?! Yes, this story really is this crazy. The Western Journal reports that Samantha Pfefferle was admitted to Marquette University in Wisconsin for […]

Supreme Court Deals Major Blow To ObamaCare Legacy…Biden Immediately Vows To Do This

(Liberty Bell) – On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that employers like the Catholic nuns, Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby could be exempt from providing health insurance that would cover contraceptives if it violated their First Amendment rights to do so. This was a refreshing and much-needed victory for religious liberty, which […]

Wondering Why Joe Biden’s Platform Looks So Familiar? Check Out Who He Literally Ripped Off To Put It Together

(Liberty Bell) – Plagiarism is a pretty big deal in the modern world. Actually, it’s always been a big no-no, but we just have better tools today for discovering when someone is ripping the ideas off of another human being and taking credit for them. Thanks, Internet. Along those lines, a lot of individuals have […]

Widow Of Trump’s Friend Completely Obliterates Book’s New Claim About Trump And SAT

(Liberty Bell) – Radical left-wing individuals will stop at nothing to oppose President Trump and the agenda he has set forth for America, despite the fact that the implementation of this agenda would, ultimately, benefit them right along with the rest of the country. All that matters to the Democratic Party is assaulting the president’s […]

Tom Cotton Puts ‘Woke Mobs’ In Their Place, Reveals Who Should Really Be Deciding Future Of Confederate Symbols

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of hot button issues in modern America, thanks in large part to “cancel culture” and the perpetually offended group of individuals who have become not-so-affectionately known as “social justice warriors.” Confederate statues are the latest target marked for extinction by these individuals who are dedicated to wiping out […]

Forget The Madness Of Riots And COVID-19: The Biggest Threat To The Survival Of Our Republic Is Vote-By-Mail

(Liberty Bell) – Progressives have made it clear that they are not at all big fans of President Trump, working tireless since he announced his presidency back in 2015 to ruin his chances at winning the White House, and when that failed, trying to have him booted from office. This has led to a non-stop […]

Why President Donald Trump Is Calling His Hometown NYC “Unrecognizable, Enraged”

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump is a lifelong New Yorker. Not only does his brash manner and distinct accent scream “New Yorker,” but the Trump name and buildings themselves are an iconic part of the modern landscape of Manhattan. A few years ago, no one would ever have doubted his love for the Big […]

It’s Official: The US Is Done With The WHO. Here’s What That Means.

(Liberty Bell) – It’s official! The Trump administration has formally withdrawn the United States from the UN-affiliated World Health Organization. This was announced by a senior administration official on Tuesday after President Donald Trump had previously announced that this major move would be made. The notice was delivered to the United Nations secretary-general. Withdrawing from […]

Noted Liberals J.K. Rowling, Noam Chompsky Pen Letter That All Conservatives Can Totally Support

(Liberty Bell) – If you’re a conservative, you’d probably never expect yourself to agree with liberal author J.K. Rowling and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky, especially in the middle of 2020, when all political divides have reached a fever pitch in the theatre of public discourse. But this is what cancel culture does: it separates those […]

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