Rosenstein Makes Huge Admission About Trump That Will Make Liberals Furious

(Liberty Bell) – Liberal Democrats have been desperately attempting to find something they can use against President Trump to destroy his administration and have him removed from office since he was sworn in, and we’ve seen such scenarios play out time and time again. Each of them has failed, but that hasn’t prevented the radical […]

Shocking New Report Reveals What Antifa’s Been Planning For Months

(Liberty Bell) – As the country continues to explode in violent protests, rioting, and looting due to the civil unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis, information has been coming to light indicating the involvement of radical leftist group Antifa in this mess is something that […]

LA Mayor Cutting $150 Million In Police Funding; Look Where He’s Going To Revinest The Money

(Liberty Bell) – In the wake of violent protests and chaos in cities across America, many folks working local and state governments are capitulating to demands made by the masses of protesters who are upset — rightfully so — over the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement officers in the city […]

Tom Cotton Pens Piece Calling For Military To Stop Riots, The Reaction From NYT Writers Is Priceless

(Liberty Bell) – Our country is more divided along racial lines now than it ever has been, at least any time in recent memory. This is shocking, especially when you consider the upheaval that occurred when Michael Brown was shot and the several other incidents that happened after that which also resulted in massive civil […]

The Clinton Email Court Hearing The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About

(Liberty Bell) – While there has been wall-to-wall coverage of protests and subsequent riots taking place in many of America’s largest cities, there has been plenty going on elsewhere in the news that the mainstream media is doing their best to ignore. On Wednesday, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Roseinstein appeared before the Senate Judiciary […]

Uh-Oh: Trouble In Leftist Paradise As Cuomo And de Blasio Feud Over Protest Response. Here’s Why.

(Liberty Bell) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s leadership into question amid ongoing riots and looting in the Big Apple, going as far as to accuse de Blasio and NYPD leadership of failing to even do their jobs. “What happened in New York City was inexcusable,” […]

Trump Tweet Scorches Obama Administration For Spying…The Truth Comes Out

(Liberty Bell) – While America’s major cities wake up from the eight consecutive day of rioting and looting, there is a major story going on in Washington DC that is hardly getting any attention. Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of the ongoing effort to get […]

2A: This Florida Sheriff Has Very Straightforward Advice For Residents Worried About Looting

(Liberty Bell) – If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s how precarious the infrastructure of first responders can be if there is any type of crisis. Coronavirus showed us just how quickly our society can seem to crack at the seems, as millions of people were suddenly unable to work, confined to […]

Pulitzer-Prize Winning NYT Writer Justifies Looting, Riots With The Most Twisted Logic You’ve Ever Heard

(Liberty Bell) – Virtually all Americans, no matter what end of the political spectrum, denounced the unjust death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota last week. While thousands of peaceful, law-abiding protesters have taken to the streets in response, it didn’t take long for the protests to turn to riots. Dr. Martin Luther […]

AOC, Other Dems Triggered At This Objective NYT Headline About Trump Response To Riots

(Liberty Bell) – While much of the mainstream industrial complex has been triggered to tears that President Donald Trump is actually responding to nationwide unrest which has erupted across the nation in response to the death of George Floyd the New York Times actually read a somewhat reasonable headline this week about Trump’s reaction. “As […]

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