Busted: Damning Project Veritas Voter Fraud Videos Capture Attention Of TX Governor, AG

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden who has stated that he “is” the Democratic Party, has asserted on numerous occasions that there is no voter fraud and that mail-in voting is totally safe. He and the crooked left-wing media have even gone as far as to imply that President Trump is a liar for voicing his […]

Former George W. Bush Press Sec Gives Surprising Endorsement For 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – It’s most definitely no secret that President Trump has his enemies. These are the very people working to destroy America rather to see him re-elected to serve another 4 years in the White House. Since he was elected Trump has posed a serious threat to the Deep State which was established by […]

Silicon Valley Megadonors Toss Obscene Amount Of Money At Biden’s Campaign; Here’s What The Money’s Being Used For

(Liberty Bell) – According to a new report from Breitbart, there’s an obscure super PAC backed by some pretty big donors from Silicon Valley and propped up by very large sums of left-wing “dark money” that is tossing tens of millions of dollars to help Biden’s presidential campaign by creating a massive ad blitz against […]

Massive Ratings Crash For Sunday Night Football Teaches NFL That If You ‘Go Woke, You Go Broke,’

(Liberty Bell) – The National Football League has been experiencing a bit of a comeback for the daytime games on national television, but the ratings for their primetime offerings are telling a very, very different story. In fact, according to Breitbart, the NFL is still in a massive ratings decline. Guess that whole “go woke, […]

Revealed: How Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Paves The Way For Huge Conservative Victories

(Liberty Bell) – The confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court Monday night was a historic victory for conservatives in America but it was so much more than that. One Breitbart writer, James Pinkerton, went into great detail about the planning and organizing that went in to this achievement. Of course, Amy […]

Trump Leading In Texas Thanks To This Key Democrat Voting Block — The Tables Have Turned

(Liberty Bell) – The Democrats have long claimed to have the monopoly on the minority vote—something which 2020 has revealed all too clearly that they take entirely for granted. As they continue to push the same tired rhetoric and same empty promises that have been failing for decades, the Black and Hispanic vote appears to […]

Breaking: Text Messages Prove Joe Biden Knew About Hunter’s Criminal Sexual Behavior

(Liberty Bell) – As the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden seems to just be growing and growing every day, Joe Biden’s tolerance for it continues to erode. While he has mostly been dodging any kind of questions about it thanks to the complicity of the crooked leftist media, once in awhile a reporter manages to land […]

Three Out Of Four Members Of “The Squad” Utterly Meltdown On Twitter After Justice Barrett’s Confirmation

(Liberty Bell) – Sometimes it can be really hard to tell if Democrats in Congress actually believe the web of lies they’re spinning or if it’s really all just an act to move the country in the direction of a radical liberal dystopian hell. Some of the things they say are just downright nutty and […]

Plot Thickens: Piers Morgan Reveals Why He Thinks CNN Cancelled His Appearance; It Has Something To Do With Hunter Biden

(Liberty Bell) – Piers Morgan is claiming that he was uninvited for an appearance on liberal news network CNN after he accused the obviously left leaning network of being “hyper-partisan” concerning their efforts to downplay or censor the Hunter Biden scandal during an interview on Fox & Friends. This, of course, would not at all […]

Breaking: University Of Nevada Chooses Speaker For Athletics Hall Of Fame

(Liberty Bell) – If there’s one “sports figure” we’re probably all sick of hearing from and about right now it’s without a doubt failed NFL quarterback and current obnoxious Black Lives Matter activist Colin Kaepernick. Yet, like a bad rash, the guy never seems to go away. Ever. No matter what. Warner Todd Huston, a […]

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