City Of Portland Refuses To Prosecute Criminal Behavior Of Rioters And Protesters; The Response From Oregon State Police Is Scathing

(Liberty Bell) – The Oregon State Police have had about all they can handle of the total lack of common sense governing by the folks in charge in Portland, and announced on Thursday that they were pulling out the 100 state troopers they had sent in to protect the Mark O.. Hatfield United States Courthouse […]

GOP Rep. Zeldin Lays The Smack Down On Biden, Obama For Trying To Take Some Credit For Israel-UAE Peace Deal

(Liberty Bell) – It should come as no surprise to anyone that former Vice President Joe Biden is attempting to take credit for the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, as Democrats have a well established reputation for taking what doesn’t belong to them. You know, wealth distribution isn’t always just […]

Carrie Severino Completely Obliterates Kamala Harris Over Hypocrisy Of Joining Biden Campaign While Claiming To Believe Tara Reade

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that Democrats are, for the most part, inconsistent in the application of their beliefs which leads to a severe case of hypocrisy. Everyone can see that sort of behavior plain as day all the time from the left. It’s just that the left themselves do not care whether or […]

Feds Take Action To Block Hydroxychloroquine For COVID Patients; Here’s Why One Yale Professor Is Calling This An ‘Unconscionable Mistake’

(Liberty Bell) – One of the most heinous things our government is doing at the moment is attempting to limit the availability folks have of getting hydroxychloroquine, a potentially lifesaving treatment for the very serious and awful coronavirus that is rampaging across the globe. Much of the hoopla surrounding the medication has nothing to do […]

Ha! Trump Campaign Has A New Nickname For Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris, And It’s Hilarious

(Liberty Bell) – The Trump campaign came out swinging the instant that they heard that presumed Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, had finally announced his VP pick for the White House. Rather…laughing. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) Trump would go on to tell reporters, had been his “No. 1 pick” for his rival’s running mate, and […]

Graham Demands The FBI Reveal Crucial Info About 2018 Russia Hearing, Accuses Bureau Of This

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream media won’t touch any of this with a 10’ foot poll, but never have we known more about the full extent of the corruption that took place within the federal government during the 2016 election. It’s explosive, and as it continues to come out, the Biden campaign and the Deep […]

Kasich Claims It’s Not Christian To Support Trump…But Says This About Biden! (Seriously?!)

(Liberty Bell) – It’s pretty incredible when people who have no problem allowing pro-abortion, pro-theft, corrupt politicians to rise to power try to claim not only the moral high ground, but the spiritual. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich, a “Republican” who is set not only to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, but […]

Professor Claims That “2+2=4” “Reeks Of White Supremacist Patriarchy.” No, Really. (Orwell Is Rolling Over In His Grave)

(Liberty Bell) – Wow, it really has come to this point. A liberal professor has claimed that it is literally racist to use the example of 2+2=4 to demonstrate objectivity. In fact, she hysterically declared on Twitter, to do so actually “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.” “The idea that math (or data) is culturally neutral […]

Here’s Why The FBI Director Just Got Subpoenaed (And Yes, It Has To Do With The Russia-Ukraine Probe)

(Liberty Bell) – FBI Director Christopher Wray has been subpoenaed, along with former State Department official, as part of a growing investigation into possible corruption between the US, Russia, and the Ukraine. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson has also declared that there is evidence the biden family engaged in a […]

Hillary Clinton Is Still Complaining About Donald Trump, But What She Just Said About His Coronavirus Relief “Stunt” Is Insane

(Liberty Bell) – It’s pretty hilarious that the left clutches their pearls over their own imaginings that President Donald Trump will refuse to vacate the Oval Office come Inaguration Day 2021 should he fail to win the November election. Because their candidate in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has refused and fought tooth and nail to […]

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