New York Times 1619 Project Falsifies History and is in Now Schools

The 1619 Project is an extremely dangerous idea. It will change the way America looks within one generation if it goes viral. This project has been launched by the notorious New York Times to reexamine the concept of slavery in the United States. The New York Times promotes anti-American news and policies. Their goal is […]

Cancel Thanksgiving Over Global Warming? We Think Not, Huffpo

The left is going crazy about global warming, saying that we’ve only got a few years to be able to turn things around. We need to get rid of the cows, the fossil-fuel-burning companies, and a list of other things. Now, Huffington Post has an idea that they’ve been mercilessly ridiculed for: canceling Thanksgiving. The […]

The Price Tag for Beto’s Failed Presidential Run is Unbelievable

Well, it’s official. Former Texas congressman and 2020 presidential candidate Robert ‘Beto’ Francis O’Rourke has officially turned in his resignation to become president of the United States. Running polls at the very bottom of the over-crowded Democratic field let us know some time back that he probably wouldn’t make it anywhere close to the White […]

Sanders and Omar Promote ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants

During the 2016 presidential race, one of the most controversial issues as far as campaign tactics was the use of the ‘Lock her up’ being chanted at Trump rallies. For the crowds present at those rallies and the persons responsible, it was a direct response to Hillary Clinton’s handling or mishandling of classified information and […]

Teen Charged with Shooting a Seven-Year-Old Girl in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is one of the worst cities in America when it comes to the crime rate.  No one is considered safe in the city, and it does not matter the age of the person, everyone is at risk of being shot or killed. On Holloween, a seven-year-old girl was shot by a 15-year-old boy […]

Will Kamala Harris Be the Next to Drop Out?

The latest indication that the presidential campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Ca. is in big trouble was reported by CNN. Harris has closed three of her four campaign offices in New Hampshire, site of the first in the nation primary, and has laid off all of her field organizers in that state. The only people […]

Huh? Trump is to Blame for California Wildfires

It is hard for a real American to come to terms or even imagine how much hatred the Democrats have for President Trump.  All we have on our minds as Conservatives are “Keeping America Great!”  It is all about our country and keeping her thriving. We are proud to be Americans, but we are not […]

Michelle Obama Lets Her Racism Slip

Michelle Obama just proved to the world how racism works both ways.  For well over a century, it was always the African Americans who were calling the shots on the whites being racist and carrying hatred toward them. Some people are, but not everyone.  The same goes for all races.  Some people look at the […]

The Media is Ignoring a Destructive Strike Force to Attack Iran

Trump Announces Decision on Iran Deal

We have grown to become a nation where the media cast stories of slander, lies, and abuse to fit the Left’s agendas and not cover stories of truth and value.  The media is now ignoring an important story that is happening right now. The mullahs in Tehran, Iran are not ignoring what is happening, and […]

Top Defense Republican’s Reaction to Statement on U.S. Attack

Everyone knows by now President Trump has a way with words.  Many people love the “cold hard knocks,” while others are snowflakes and cannot take the heat.  Either way, the president speaks his mind and tells it like it is whether those are listening like it or not.  You got to love him!  He is […]

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