Lies, Lies, And More Lies. What Putin Said He Wouldn’t Do…

First, let’s state the obvious. Vladimir Putin is a manipulative ex-KGB agent who metamorphosized himself into his own version of what a president presiding over 145,805,947 Russian citizens should be. If anyone doesn’t like it, here, drink this poison. Sound about right?

Putin has blocked all outside social media platforms from infiltrating his hallucinogenic version of what’s really going down in Ukraine. News broadcasts other than those coming from Russian state media are strictly taboo. If his serfs knew what he was really up to they may not like it.

Russian citizens are being told they aren’t at war with Ukraine and that there are absolutely no plans to impose Russian rule on its people. Anything they may have heard prior to the media block was propaganda from the U.S. in its quest for world domination. It never happened.

At the same time, a pregnant mother and her unborn baby were killed when Russian bombs were dropped on a maternity hospital, cities are being destroyed without prejudice, and people who were leading peaceful lives several weeks ago are either dead or have fled the country as the fighting intensifies daily. 

When news of the invasion first leaked out to Russian citizens, thousands of them poured into the streets of Moscow to voice their stern objections. Some of them were never again heard from after being hauled off by government authorities.

Now that all outside media has been squelched and a few unfortunate protestors were made examples of, the streets have quieted and public opinion of the need for Russia to be in Ukraine has swayed more to Putin’s liking.

The story Russian citizens are chewing on is that their beloved country would never intentionally strike a civilian target. Their only goal is to eliminate dissident Russian and Ukrainian rebels who started the whole thing but refused to take public credit for their actions, making Russia appear to be the bad guy. 

Russian media did announce the maternity hospital being mistakingly hit in case any news of it somehow filtered through, but they said the building was not being used and had been empty so no civilians had been harmed.

Just one day following the hospital bombing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made an abhorrent statement over Russian media denying that Ukraine had even been attacked.  

“Russia has no plans to attack other countries. We have not even attacked Ukraine,” he lied. This was in keeping pace with what Putin had referred to as a “peacekeeping mission” only. 

Putin later changed the description to a “special military operation,” failing to detail what that entails. He assured his people of how Russia does “not plan to impose ourselves on anyone.” He said they were only concerned with the Dongas region of Ukraine where the rebels reside. 

While Putin was busy painting a false picture bombs were being dropped in other regions of Ukraine including the capital city of Kyiv and Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv. 

Also at the same time, a separate detachment of Russian soldiers seized the densely populated city of Odessa, a major Ukrainian seaport, and the following day Hostomel airport outside of Kyiv fell to the hostile invaders.

As the world teeters on the edge of WWIII Putin is seeking the assistance of Syria and China. Syria has already agreed to send 16,000 of its Muslim sword-swinging troops into Ukraine and China stands more to win than it’ll lose by helping Putin get out of the jam he’s put his country in.

Meanwhile, knowing how money talks, NATO is trying to dry up Russia’s financial resources. But is this really enough? China has deep pockets and Syria doesn’t care about money since killing is their favorite pastime anyway. They’re just thankful for the opportunity. 

With this in mind, the U.S. has built up its forces in Poland, but we’re told they aren’t expected to engage in hardcore battle. Joe Biden said they’re only there on a “peacekeeping mission.” Hmmm… Where have we just recently heard these words?