Lifelong Dems Call C-SPAN and Pledge to Vote Republican

Tis the season for national party conventions, a time when voters get to experience just what one party or another is really about. It’s a place where their nominee is made official, where their platform issues are discussed, and where members get to celebrate what makes their party so fantastic.

This year, as usual, C-SPAN has covered both conventions for the Democratic Party and the Republicans. And as always, calls are made into the network to discuss what people are seeing and hearing.

One of the most interesting things the outlet has noticed this year is the number of those calling to report a change of party or who they will be voting for.

One of the most telling examples comes from Monday night, after the first night of the Republican National Convention.

A man named Rick called in from the typically very Democratic city of Lorain, Ohio, to explain just why he was changing his vote this year.

Rick told the C-SPAN reporter that he was a lifelong Democrat, as are most of his friends and family. However, after watching just a few minutes of the RNC convention, he was convicted to switch parties.

He said, “I just want to say after watching the convention tonight on C-SPAN here I am definitely changing my vote to Republican and I’ll tell you what – they just put the Democrat Party to shame.”

Rick added, “I’m going to follow the Republican Party now.”

And no, the reason why isn’t Trump. Neither is it that the Republicans who spoke shamed the opposing party with their words.

Instead, it had much more to do with the heart.

When the C-SPAN reported pressed Rick for more details on why he would switch, the once-Democratic caller didn’t have a problem with getting right to the point.

He said, “It was the heartfelt way they came across to the American people, and I was really touched by the number of times they used the word ‘God.’” Rick continued, saying, “They put God into everything, and the people on the Democratic side on their convention acted like they were pushing God right out of it, and that’s had a lot do with changing my mind.”

And Rick isn’t the only one to note this absence of God in the Democratic convention or way of life as recently seen.

Reverend Franklin Graham also called out the Dems for this, saying, “In watching some of the Democratic National Convention on television this week, it has been interesting to see the absence of God.” He stated that he doesn’t believe America’s “finest hours will be in front of us if we take God out of government and public life. It is God who sets the standards we are to live by.”

And Rev. Graham’s not wrong.

Just take a look at our national laws and guidelines. Now, look at the Ten Commandments as given to humankind by God. Notice any similarities? Graham sure does.

And apparently so did our founding fathers.

Why else would God be so heavily written into nearly all of our founding documents? From the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to our national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, they all mention God and note the importance of Him in our daily lives.

And yet, the Dems seem to think that, somehow, we can exist and govern without our creator. They’ve taken him out of schools, encouraged kneeling when the National Anthem is sung, and now are even moving to take the phrase “under God” out of the Pledge. Already numerous reports have come in about the Pledge being altered during DNC caucus meetings to omit the mention of God.

Thankfully, it appears, America is noticing and not liking what they see.

Another Democrat caller, a woman from Minnesota, also noted that she was switching sides. And her reason goes back to that “heartfelt” way that Republicans expressed themselves.

While watching the DNC convention, she noted that all they wanted to talk about was orange man bad. During the RNC convention, on the other hand, there was a constant move to rebuild America, to bring businesses back, and to help damage communities – whether from the pandemic or the riots.

She said this “awakened” her “that there is hope, that there are people willing to fight for us people, in our communities.” And it’s not the Democrats. Instead, they are calling for more unrest and more violence.

No wonder people are changing parties en masse.