Look! Anti-fascist Group Proven Responsible for Huge Role in Portland Violence

The liberals are taking to the airways and blaming people, that are sick of the BLM destruction, for creating conflict. The Democrats around the country have simply lost their minds.

They see nothing wrong with the actions of people that march through the city, destroying things on their way, and murdering people for fun. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is the dirty Democrat that blames the recent round of violent crimes on people taking a stand against the liberalism that is destroying America.

He wrote on his fascist page that “We are now more than a month and a half into witnessing nightly violence on our streets,” he tweeted.

“Portland continues to be used as a staging ground for violence night after night. This is causing unprecedented harm to our communities, livelihoods, and Portlanders continue to fear for their safety. My main concern is this: that the continuing violence will lead to further injuries or even deaths.”

His concern is based on one person that was injured during the altercation. The U.S. Marshals have gotten involved to investigate the problem.

But Wheeler’s maintains that the more conservative groups that are fighting back to keep their country free are part of some secret group that is undermining BLM. He stopped short of naming any group in particular.

Leading people to believe that he is making the whole issue up with the hopes of creating a conspiracy theory as to why there are violent protests. The truth is that the BLM is a violent group and hurts people that get in their way.

Most Democrats turn to violence when their beliefs are challenged. Instead of changing things peacefully, they would rather kill the other side.

The local media stated that the group that the mayor refers to as anti-fascist and anti-capitalist. This statement alone walks a fence of uncertainty. Either one group is against fascism and for capitalism or it is the other way around.

Never has there been a group that has been both. This group that the mayor is referencing seems to be part of the Democratic agenda.

It stated in one social media post that “The Feds and Portland Police are very quickly finding out that if they build a fortress and use literal siege tactics, the People will put their f—ing fortress under siege.”

The group seems to be against the police very much like Democrats and liberals are.

One report stated that a protestor said that “With real change comes a lot of collateral damage.”

This statement lines up well with the actions of BLM and Antifa. Two groups that are supported by Democrats at all levels of government. Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan praised the violent group in her city and even let them take over a large section of downtown for them to set up base.

Democrats only care about one thing and that is power. They want to change the current state of government into something that they can control without having to compete with the Republicans over. BLM, Antifa, and other like groups all have the same goal.

They want to rewrite America into a version of their perfect government. Ironically, every plan to replace America has Democrats in control. Each one of these sorry groups is arms of the Democratic Party. They are the true evil that is threatening America today.

The police had to use gas and other stronger methods to get the terrorists under control. Many liberals hate the force that the police have to use so they cry for a defunding of the police.

They would rather be subject to violence rather than let the police restore peace to an area. Liberals love violence except when it affects them. They would rather attack the police than fight back against the very ones that are causing the trouble.

Some people are so gullible that they say things like Tony Hopson of Self Enhancement Inc., “I know whoever was behind this thinks they were doing it — or perhaps are trying to have us think they were doing it — in the names of Black Lives Matter. We know that it was just the opposite. Not only was it not about Black Lives Matter. It was against Black Lives Matter.”

They are making people that these groups are doing the crime. The facts tell the story that BLM and others are behind the crime in the first place.