Man Behind Waukesha Mass Vehicular Murder Did the Same Thing to One Woman Just Two Days Prior

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Leftists love proclaiming that we need less policing. Fewer laws, fewer cops enacting the laws, and lower incarceration rates in their eyes are the best ways to improve our society from their standpoints. Yet, if you look at the statistics, it never pans out quite that simple. The ‘catch and release’ programs to keep the incarceration rates low are the one idea they have been able to get pushed through with little to no issue.

Under this idea, people can begin the process of atoning for their crimes. They can clear things up with loved ones, or at least attempt to clean up the situation that led to them facing charges. Statistically, it has been proven that this idea sounds lovely in concept but fails pretty hard in execution. Those who are getting out often try and ‘fix’ the situation by running away, or in the case of a near-death, they try and fix their failure and complete the kill. Darrell Brooks is a shining example of why this doesn’t work.

Just two days before using his car as a battering ram into a crowd of people in Waukesha, WI, he had racked up MULTIPLE felonies during a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend. During this incident, he also attempted to run her over but thankfully failed to kill her at that point. With this most recent arrest for a murder, he proved that he could aim his car correctly in a target-rich environment. The Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisolm’s office is falling over themselves attempting to show that they realize releasing him was the wrong answer.

Someone messed up for letting a multiple-count felon off on a $1,000 bond. Yes, multiple felonies in this lovely county mean that you can be walking the streets again for less than the down payment on a used Ford F-250. Milwaukee DA Chisolm is a radical leftist and his ideas of ‘criminal justice reform’ via ‘bail reform’ have proven time and time again to be great in theory but fundamentally flawed as it allows felons like Brooks back out with no real repercussions as they await trial.

One of the biggest problems this office will face is how they will explain letting him walk so cheaply. After all, the original charges were for resisting an officer, battery with domestic abuse assessments, bail jumping, attempted vehicular assault, and one other un-named charge. While these charges are severe and should have kept him in jail, they failed to do so; even with the jumping bail charge. I’m sure that part will just be ‘internally investigated’ and some low-level person will be ‘reprimanded.’ Then, they’ll just move on.

For Brooks though, he’ll have to face charges for the 5 dead adults, and the 48 injured people of all ages. This time, there will be no bail as he awaits trial, and he is right where he needs to be for now. Despite all the evidence of his guilt at the time of his arrest, he still deserves his day in court like any other American, and I, for one, will be glad to be seeing him on trial for this. Yet, I am insulted that they have gone out of their way to ensure he is not being classified as a terrorist.

This was nothing short of classic terrorism. It is a textbook example of an act done to instill terror in the people it is targeting. As such, a charge for domestic terrorism must be added on. I’m sure it won’t be, though. They’ll be some random explanation for his actions, and it’ll make things okay in the DA’s eyes. For the rest of us, it will just remain another insult added to injury.