Man Joining ISIS is Caught

Crime never pays and certainly trying to join a terrorist group is one sure way to find oneself in prison. ISIS is the notorious group that advertises itself to younger people hoping that their loony cause of world domination attracts recruits to their cause.

Most of the time the person seeking to join their cause finds themselves converting to Islam and becoming an enemy of the United States. This is exactly what a man from Connecticut found when he tried to leave the country with the goal of joining ISIS in their crusade against the world.

Ahmad Khalil Elshazly is only 22 and already will spend the next 20 years in prison. He was charged with attempting to join a terrorist group. What Elshazly will find is that ISIS does not care that he is now in prison.

What he thought as a loving brotherhood united against evil is nothing more than an organization that seeks to kill people and use others to do their hatred attacks. But maybe the concept of killing people was enticing to Elshazy.

He started saving what he could to make the trip to ISIS-controlled territory. He wanted to join them and give them money that he had saved up for their cause. The charge against him includes trying to fund a terrorist organization.

ISIS is starving for money and will do anything to get it. President Trump has strangled the murderous organization to the point that they are nearly not able to operate. The war on terror rages on and the United States is winning the war.

The money that he would have given to ISIS would have been used to kill people. Like every sad terrorist trying to join the group, he started to make statements in person and on social media that he desired to kill. He would often tell people that he hated the United States and that he wanted to kill them.

One would think that these freaks would keep their mouths shut, so they could eventually make it to the ISIS territory. But every single one of them starts mouthing off. This only attracts attention to their motives and lands them in prison.

One of the statements that this strange man stated was “…They say, War has started and we are marching to it…..but all doors are closed, closed. I am talking to myself now, asking myself, How do I get there? How can I help Muslims? How can I do anything?” God willing! May this country [United States] burn the same way they burned Muslims! May they burn in fire at the end!” Such hatred for a country that has given him so much as he has lived as a citizen within its protection for so long.

His words of murder could not be silenced as he repeatedly would say “I am not scared.” He was not scared of what people would think or do to him. His heart had solidified into only hatred for all people of the West.

This is the kind of reaction that Islam has on a person. It promotes hatred for all and desires them to kill people that are not Islamic. This man has been training for the better part of a year and sending information to ISIS showing that he is ready to join them.

When the time came for him to go he began to worry. One can only think that he was indeed scared. He was scared that he would be arrested at the airport while he was trying to travel to the Middle East. So instead of flying, he thought that he would sail to ISIS.

But he was caught anyway. Elshazly is not the genius that he thinks he is. The assistant attorney general for national security is John Demers and he said that “Elshazly was bent on supporting ISIS. Worried that his efforts here would be too small and that he would be stopped at the airport, he planned to travel overseas aboard a container ship to join and fight for ISIS.”