Marriage and Immigration: Getting People in Big Trouble

There seems to be no end in sight for the insane ideas that people have to try to enter the country illegally. Many people try to enter the country undetected at a border or by floating ashore. Some try a more directed approach and try to storm border checkpoints.

A small percentage actually tries to fraud their way into America by enlisting the help of others that already live in the country. No matter how a person may view it all of them have selfishly broken the laws of America and are guilty of a felony.

Four people have been accused of trying to commit marriage fraud with the intent of staying in the United States. These individuals are a picture of the Democratic Party. They believe that they are above the law and that they can do whatever they want without having to answer to anyone for their crimes.

In addition to marriage fraud, Rajesh Ramcharan Diann Ramcharan, Sergeant Galima Murry, and Pastor Ken Harvell would lie about their true intent to commit fraud so people could stay in the country.

The idea was launched so that the Ramcharan’s could have immigration benefits for themselves and one kid. They came to visit but never left. They were from Trinidad and Tobago.

Instead of going back home they disappeared and settled down in Colorado where they started to hatch their selfish scheme to enter into the country. They had no intention of doing things legally. All they wanted to do was start their lives, and they did not want to wait.

The Democrats are the same way. They consistently do things that are against the law. And when they are discovered they act all hurt and plead for mercy. While they hope that they can avoid prison. But in this case, the four people that were involved knowingly tried to fraud their way into the country. And those that helped them are no better. They should have backed away and reported the case to the authorities. But they never did.

The devious plan for Pastor Ken Harvell to give the couple a marriage license. Once they had the signed document the couple decided it was time to get divorced. Five days later the Pastor provided another marriage certificate for Diann Ramcharan and Sergeant Galima Murry. The plot certainly did not work. But the idea is that since Murry was a soldier, then Diann Ramcharan could stay in the country.

So really they killed two birds with one stone in that they got into the country, and they got free benefits. All at the expense of taxpayers. Murry should have known better. He is a disgrace to the uniform that he wears. Being stationed at Fort Carson means something to the people that he served with. But now he is untrustworthy. There is not a person alive that will ever trust him again.

But their deeds were not over. When a Democrat or a selfish person finds a way to acquire things for free, they always want more. Diann Ramcharan was fine being married and not it was Rajesh Ramcharan’s turn. He would marry Angelica Guevara. And of course, the sick Pastor Harvell would sign the license for them to be married. The jury believed that Harvell was part of the plot.

But like every sick liberal and the selfish person, the blessed always are their downfall. Both Diann and Rajesh Ramcharan started living together once the deed was done. They even presented themselves to others as a married couple.

They simply claimed to be married to another person who was a legal resident, so they could be together in the United States. The dastardly deed was done, or at least they thought so.

The United States Attorney Jason Dunn stated that “As the defendants in this case learned, marriage fraud to gain citizenship is a crime. There are lawful ways for individuals to become citizens of the United States.

Those who try to circumvent those laws will be held accountable.” These are the very loopholes that President Trump wants to see removed. People that try to do things illegally will be found by those that uphold the law. And President Trump is one that upholds the law.