Mask Wearing Causes CO2 Build Up in AOC’s Brain and the Result is Epic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is by far the worst American in the country. She kills job opportunities for people and then fights to increase a minimum wage that is unsustainable for small businesses to pay. A hike in the minimum wage will only mean inflated prices for everyone to pay. The imaginary world in which she lives is not of this world and can never find a place in a free country.

Denmark is a country where all progressive liberals hate as they successfully produce oil and gas shipments, have international trade, and even a healthy business sector. But the problem is felt within their tax system.

Denmark citizens have to pay nearly 50 percent of their income to the government. And then they are taxed at 25 percent for goods that they have to purchase. The people are then subject to poverty handouts from the government. The people are forced to rely on the leaders for their food. It is a great way to keep political reform in check as they can simply cut off people for voicing their opinion about the government.

The side that the Democrats and progressives love is that the Danish government is in full control of the people. The AOC tells everyone that $15 an hour is excellent for them. But like the Danish people, most of it ends up back in the hands of the government in the form of taxes. So, in reality, they only make $11 an hour on a $ 22-hour job.

The AOC fails to mention that of the $15 per hour rate she wants to see as a minimum wage, nearly all of it will eventually be taken by the government. People would only be making $7.50 an hour if the AOC had her way about it.

The AOC has lied so much to the American people that she has them believing that a higher minimum wage will mean a better way of living. But the truth is that nothing will change for them. They will pay more in taxes, and inflation will rob them of the rest. A higher federal minimum wage is just another secret attempt to increase tax revenue.

The AOC has not revealed all of her dubious plans. At some point, a committee would have to be established to regulate all the handouts that people would need to live. The problem is that the AOC wants to give all the top benefits to many young people who need to learn to work their way to the top.

The higher wages do not come just because they demand it. People that are not afraid to work hard are able to get those higher-paying jobs. It does them a disservice to keep having everything given to them on a platter.

The AOC showed her incompetence in financial matters when she stated that “when we keep the minimum wage artificially low, it’s at a huge cost to our government . . . they’re essentially enormous subsidies to Walmart.” This enormous lie is just another way that the AOC hopes the ignorant liberals around her fall for her idea.

She does not want people to know that higher wages mean fewer jobs because companies will have to fire people to meet their payroll requirements. Inflation will go up, and many people will end up at the unemployment line because of the lie the AOC just told the world.

Ocasio-Cortez knows nothing about economics. She was a bartender that want to play politics, so she lied to a bunch of liberals got herself elected.

She claims that a minimum wage increase is the only way that people can ever get out of poverty. She fails to understand that the only way to help people financially is to empower them to work hard like President Trump did while he was in office.

The jobless rate plummeted in America to all-time lows. More people had good-paying jobs than ever before. And there never was a wage hike. The only thing that will happen to people with a higher wage is that the government will find a way to take all of their money, and they will have lied to the American people again.