Maskless Kerry Excuses His Actions as Democratic Royalty Continues to Act Like Kings and Queens

John Kerry is back and making a mess of things again as he is caught on an airline not wearing his mask that his Islamic loving buddy Joe Biden is forcing people to wear at all times. The airlines are no exception to the rules. Every passenger who walks through the airport’s doors is required to put on a mask to protect everyone else somehow. But the rules do not apply to Kerry.

The maskless wonder boarded the plane thinking that he is better than everyone else. Airlines have booted adults and babies off of the plane because they did not have a mask. But here sits the mighty fairy Kerry with no mask and not an employee says anything to him.

Liberals love to show favoritism. And just because some of them serve in politics, it must mean that they are exempt from following the rules. Kerry sat in first class. His mug was the first one that everyone would see. And here he sat with no mask on and enjoying every moment of his crime.

Airlines will make exceptions for people that are eating their onboard meals or drinks. But Kerry is not eating or drinking. All he is doing is reading a book like he is there alone. In one picture, another person is seen sitting next to him wearing a mask. But Kerry’s mask is hanging from his ear like a manly earing.

Biden has made it a mandate for all people to wear a mask on federal property and while using federal transportation. And that would include the airlines. And all American Airlines could say is that they are looking into the story.

Kerry shot back and claimed it was for a moment in time that his mask was off. But that is just an excuse to get out of the troubling spotlight showing his sweat stains through his shirt. This photo of him sitting in his seat reveals what Democrats and liberals think of the rules and laws that govern the country. They think they are above them.

The passenger that took the condemning photo timed Kerry, and he had the mask off for over five minutes. That is more than a moment in time.

The passenger stated that “I salute our Very Special Presidential Envoy for Climate for not flying private, but instead flying first-class commercial with the rest of us common folk. And while he can’t bring himself to follow his own party’s mask restrictions, we should cut him some slack. Being an elite hypocrite is hard work!”

Not one flight attendant told Kerry to put on his mask. They were too concerned with the newborn baby down the aisle not wearing one. American Airlines is trying to save their pitiful reputation by stating that they were going to call Kerry and remind him to wear a mask. They stated that they wanted to “underscore that all customers are expected to wear masks for the duration of their trip.”

Their inadequate response to the issue will never happen. If they think for one moment that Kerry is going to care about what they have to say about mask-wearing, then they are as gullible as he is.

The holier art thou attitude that the Democrats have right now is angering millions of voters. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall for living the same way that John Kerry is living. Nancy Pelosi has a tarnished image because she tried to lie her way out of being caught trying to get a haircut during a lockdown. And the list only grows from there.

And if one thinks that the liberal-loving media is going to mention the crime, they live in a delusional world. There is no Kerry-loving media source out there that will say much on the issue of hypocrisy. They will somehow come up with an excuse for Kerry to hide behind.

Joe Biden and John Kerry are terrible examples of leadership in America. One cannot remember his name and the other things that he has the right to live above the law. Time will be their judge as people move in on the Democrats and vote them out of power in a few short years.