Mayor Says Protests are Still Allowed, Just Not at ‘Fort Lori’

If you’ve been paying attention to even the smallest bit of national news, you will likely know something about the chaos that Chicago, Illinois, is experiencing right now.

As with many of our larger Democratically run cities, Chicago has endured near-constant rioting and unrest since the death of George Floyd in late May. And the city and Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s response has been to cripple the police in both funding and job limitations.

As you can imagine, the protesting and rioting have only gotten worse, as has the crime rates that have seen the number of homicides nearly double compared to this time last year.

But don’t worry, the Mayor is making sure to protect her citizens, or at least the ones who live on the same block as her.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Police Department has been under direct orders for some time to ban “protesters from demonstrating on Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s block in the Logan Square neighborhood, ordering officers to arrest anyone who refuses to leave.”

The Tribune notes that police are even checking IDs as people come and go from the area to make sure they actually live there and not trying to get to the mayor’s home. Understandably this has frustrated some of her neighbors, who have begun to call the block “Fort Lori.”

According to one such neighbor, there have been as many as 50 officers stationed around the block at one time on various occasions, effectively blocking off the entire neighborhood from would-be intruders.

But the Tribune also found out that, in addition to the 24/7 protection around her home, Lightfoot also has a personal security detail posted around her at all times. And according to their sources, this personal detail has, on more than one occasion, caused other areas of the department to be understaffed.

“The aggressive policing has sometimes siphoned away resources from the area’s police district, some sources with knowledge of the situation said, leading to quiet grumbling.”

It is also noted that her protection detail isn’t just your ordinary run of the mill police officers, either. According to the Tribune, she went all out and hired a former Deputy U.S. Marsha, Jim Smith, to lead her personal protection unit. Since his hiring, she has also given him control of the officers who are assigned to her office at City Hall and home.

No doubt there is grumbling.

Here you have the nation’s third-largest city – a place where nearly 3 million people live and where some of the most violent crimes have happened in the last weeks and months – and the mayor is so concerned about her own safety and well-being that she is literally taking resources that her citizens so desperately need.

As it stands now, police are leaving the Chicago area in droves, because the mayor doesn’t back them. She is continually berating them and joining in the calls for further defunding. And yet behind not so closed doors, she demands their protection of her person and all her belongings at any cost.

Of course, when asked about her hypocrisy, she claims it is nothing of the sort. Instead, she says, as the mayor, she received daily threats that require such protection.

She told the press, “I think that residents of this city, understanding the nature of the threats that we are receiving on a daily basis, on a daily basis, understand I have the right to make sure that my home is secure.”

Right. So because Mayor Lightfoot is receiving threats daily, she has the right to all the protection in the world? What about her citizens who are literally dying in the streets because they don’t have enough protection? They can’t even walk to the grocery store, the gas station, or step out to the mailbox without the chance of being accosted by “protesters.” You know, the same people that Lightfoot seems to believe are “most peaceful.”

But when it comes to herself and her home, things are different.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to us. After all, this is the same woman who, after locking down her city over COVID fears, decided she needed to go out and get her hair cut, because, you know, she is the “face” of the city and needed to look more presentable than the rest of them.

Democratic hypocrisy at its finest, right here.